When we say Virtual Reality, video games are among few things that comes to our mind. Video games industry is the name of a billion dollar industry. We have seen great growth and development in this sector throughout pas two to three decades. In fact, there was a time when video games were known as a feature of personal computing. However, Atari and Commodore made it an entirely different industry with the launch of their consoles. Gradually other technology giants like Sony and Microsoft also entered in to a race that is still going on. Today`s video games are simply amazing and mind blowing. With the provision of online gaming gamers can now compete with their human counterparts scattered around the globe. In addition to this, the inception of Virtual Reality has made it an even more interesting and attractive recreational element of our daily lives. Today, I have decided to discuss the possible changes that we will see in near future as its VR that is taking control everywhere!

VR is ready to Takeover Video Gaming

We have Samsung`s VR headset available in the mobile space. HTC is going to launch their first VR headset which is going to serve the PC market. In fact, the HTC has claimed the honor of introducing VR technology in the personal computing sector. Now, the biggest news I want to tell you is that the near-to-launch Sony Play Station-4. Their new machine is going to be the zero point of gaming revolutions. The PS-4 will come with a VR headset and another spare video port so other can also enjoy the ongoing action through their High Definition Television Sets.

Unmatched Experience

Those who have an experience of using a VR Headset are already well aware about the possibility of enjoying an almost real world that exists virtually. This technology takes its audience virtually in a world created with the help f high end software and hardware resources. The kind of experience that you can experience in VR enhanced games is way better, exciting and electrifying than that of the normal gaming

Physical Activity

Since the beginning medical fraternity has criticized video gaming as it is kind of an addiction. The players and especially kids were getting lazy and isolated. Their lower level of physical activity was creating health related issues. No with the help of VR enabled games and controls compatible with this technology a player`s body can involved in the game along with his or her mind. This is a very positive thing.

Watch this Video Too!

Now, as we have learnt about the upcomming revolution in video gaming industry it is the right time to see some stuff in action!