To improve the city’s functions to improve the quality of the city to benefit the citizens with the quality of the city

To improve the city’s functions to improve the quality of the city to benefit the citizens with the quality of the city

  Cheng and the Chengdu Grand Games are about to enter the countdown for 100 days. At present, "going all out" is the responsibility and responsibility of this city: Yingying City, Xingye, and benefiting the people. The most important thing is to continuously meet people’s needs for a better life.

  The Universiade, in a city, will undoubtedly play a very positive role in promoting the urban function, the improvement of life quality, and the support of the industrial development. Incumber the city, sports is changing the city! During the National Two Sessions this year, our reporter connected to the National People’s Congress, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and industry experts and grass -roots levels. Cheng Tongqiang, deputy chairman of the National People’s Congress and Vice Chairman of China Five Metallurgical Group (external directors): Create a high -level competitive stadium on one side of the sports park of all -weather, all -age groups, and a leisurely and comfortable park city life -in Dong’an Lake Sports Park, The two are perfectly integrated.

As a builder, Cheng Mongqiang, a representative of the National People’s Congress and vice chairman (external director) of the Five Metallurgical Group of China, said in an interview with this reporter ’s telephone connection that he has experienced too much during the construction of Dongan Lake Sports Park. I read it N times and brought a lot of suggestions, including the construction process and later operation and maintenance. "Cheng Qiang told reporters that at the beginning of the construction of Dong’an Lake Sports Park, they adhered to a concept: to be designed with first -class planning and design internationally internationally. , Construction and quality control, draw the colorful landscape scrolls of the four seasons. They also invited Jiangnan garden landscape design experts, sculpture experts from the Chinese Art Academy, and famous domestic athletes to come to see it on the spot. The connotation is integrated into the construction of the venue. "Cheng Daoqiang said that they concentrated the high -quality resources of the entire group throughout the country, including design, architecture, aesthetics, etc. "Create sports parks with all -weather and all ages, and exercise scenes and methods in different seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, 5 -year -old children to 80 -year -old elderly people with different exercise scenes and methods -better meet the people’s longing for a better life. Sports Fashion is also an important component of a better life. It is necessary to better improve the function of the city and improve the quality of the city’s livable.

"Dong’an Lake Sports Park, which finally presented, makes many citizens and tourists who travel here feel a new look. Cheng Qiang told reporters that the entire project integrates sports, leisure, recreation, training, and sightseeing. Lakes, rivers, streams, bays, ponds, canals, water, waterfalls, spring, wells, islands, forming the top ten water systems with static static and orderly, such as peach blossom embankments, sub -regulations, lotus bays, etc., as well as Dong’an Pavilion, Yingbin Taiwan Wait, Dong’an 12 scenes are full of scenery everywhere.

"Further promoting the ecological value transformation of Dong’an Lake Sports Park is critical in the later period of operation and maintenance.

Cheng Qiang suggested that the professional operation team invited professional operations to promote and operate and maintain. Zou Kai, member of the CPPCC and director of the Gymnastics Management Center of Sichuan Sports Vocational College: Zou Kai is full of expectations to use the Grand Games to build the IP of the Grand Games to the Grand Games that will be held in Chengdu. "The Grand Games is a good opportunity for college students or Chengdu." Zou Kai believes that Chengdu’s hosting such a comprehensive large -scale sports meeting can help the construction of famous cities in the world, and can accumulate successful experience for holding various events in the future to promote the promotion Chengdu Sports Industry has developed in an all -round way.

  After retiring, Zou Kai has been working at the Gymnastics Management Center of Sichuan Sports Vocational College. He has also been paying attention to the preparations of the Chengdu Grand Games.

Watching the modern stadiums of modern stadiums, such as Dong’an Lake Sports Park, Fenghuangshan Sports Park, etc., the construction and putting into use. The enthusiasm of urban sports is unprecedented. As a sportsman, Zou Kai feels sincere. It is very good to do well, and the publicity and promotion are very powerful. "Zou Kai believes that Chengdu’s holding of such comprehensive large -scale sports meetings can help the construction of the famous cities in the event. After holding a comprehensive sports meeting, he can accumulate successful experiences for various events in the future.

"In the future, Chengdu has the ability to receive and host.

"He believes that this has also created a good start for Chengdu’s 20- and 30 years of sports events." With the hosting of a series of high -level competitions, it can promote the comprehensive development of Chengdu’s sports industry.

"Zou Kai believes that through this large -scale competition, it can not only achieve publicity of competitive sports and sports, but also the promotion of Chengdu to Sichuan. Chengdu should take an important opportunity to host the Grand Games to build its own in the construction of a famous city in the world competition. The IP of sports events has expanded Chengdu’s influence to the world.

"Let more people fall in love with sports, and the foundation of quantitative quantities can have a qualitative leap." Zou Kai said that for the citizens of Chengdu, you can watch high -level games at your doorstep and feel the charm of sports events, so as to make more Many people participate in sports to form a virtuous circle of sports ecology. Zhu Yan, deputy director of the Chengdu Grand Games Double Streaming Division Track and Field Store Center Competition Service and Deputy Captain of the Municipal Sports Team: With the help of the Grand Games opportunities to improve the happiness of the citizens, the physical support of Chengdu is the physical support of the Chengdu.

"The construction of the Grand Games is a good opportunity to achieve double high -quality public services.

"Zhu Xi said that Chengdu has built 49 new venues. These high -standard stadiums can not only bear higher -standard events, but also stimulate everyone’s sports enthusiasm.

"Chengdu is building the" fitness field "at the door of the citizens’ house. Through a variety of flexible sports space, people’s fitness can be achieved, and the appearance of the city is also a huge improvement." Contract to a special operation company for post -maintenance and operation.

"Zhu Xi believes that in the era of the Grand Canal, we must focus on the concept of" running cities "to do a good job of planning and layout, and cultivate more cultural, sports, and entertainment activities to maintain the long -lasting operation of the venue and comprehensively serve the public in an all -round way. The development of competitive sports and sports industries further increases Chengdu’s urban happiness index.

"In the context of building a famous city of the world, the awareness of sports in Chengdu is changing. Zhu Yan said:" Now more and more people participating in fitness can be seen everywhere, sweaty sports enthusiasts.

Exercise can strengthen the body and shape personality, which is a lifestyle. A city has a strong ‘sports gene’, which can boost citizens’ confidence and activate urban cells.

"He said," Sports has a strong educational function. Through exercise, it can make the public’s spiritual civilization changes in the subtle way. "The Chengdu Grand Games is about to enter the countdown of 100 days, and the preparations have entered the sprint stage.

Zhu Xi said, "Everyone has a sense of responsibility, mission, and urgency in their hearts. We will continue to check the leakage and supplement, improve the relevant details, and jointly hand over a ‘high -quality answer sheet’ for the Grand Games." Volunteer, Wang Ning, Chairman of the Student Union of the Youth League Committee of the School of Physical Education of Chengdu University: Volunteer services make the city more beautiful in the Chengdu Grand Games. It is also a booster to promote the success of the event.

Wang Ning said that, as a student at Chengdu University ’s sports major, he is very honored to be able to participate in the preparatory work at the Volunteer Department of the Volunteer Department of the Chengdu Grand Games as volunteers and also feel the heavy responsibility.

"We will actively practice the spiritual service spirit of ‘dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress". Through volunteer services, let every friend who come to Chengdu perceive the pattern of Damimori City, enjoy the unique charm of Tianfu culture, and experience the international city of the city. Open and inclusive will become the most beautiful scenery of Chengdu.

"In the Universiade Volunteer Service, Wang Ning has a sense of belonging to the city.

Wang Ning said that Chengdu has formed a good young friendly city atmosphere. This city that is about to usher in the Grand Games will become more attractive because of volunteer services. Looking forward to more large -scale events in Chengdu in the future, Rongcheng students can continue to achieve their dreams in voluntary services.

"(Chengdu Daily Reporter Huang Yi, Zhong Wen, Li Xia’s interviewee at the picture) (Responsible editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Huawei) Share more people see it.

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