The second half of the shared charging treasure: the pattern is reshaped, the "siege city" is difficult to solve

The second half of the shared charging treasure: the pattern is reshaped, the "siege city" is difficult to solve

  Monster charging goes to the United States to go public, and Xiaodian Technology goes to Hong Kong to submit listing application materials, street electricity and search for electricity. In 2021, as a subdivided track under the sharing economy, the shared charging head enterprises are unlimited for a while.

However, the topic of the price increase of shared charging treasure also frequently searches, the charging is expensive and slow, and it is more and more discussed. When the competition enters the second half and the sound of prices rises behind, the high cost and profitability are also being besieged the industry.

  Recently, some media reports said that Xiaodian Technology is facing a violent personnel turmoil. It is expected that the total number of layoffs is about 2,000, accounting for about 40%of the total number of companies, which affects multiple departments such as operations, KA, and products. In response, Xiaodian Technology responded to the media that the company not only did not lay off layoffs, but also had a new upgrade in business form.

He also said that Xiaodian Technology’s business positioning this year is the development of direct operation+agency model, for this reason, it has been adjusted and optimized by the company’s organizational structure and positions. In addition, the company’s technology, products, supply chain and other positions are still recruiting in large quantities.

  The once -shared charging treasure market of scenery is undergoing adjustment, and the market pattern has re -reshaped again after the San Dian, One Beast and Si Electric One Beast, and gradually changed to the pattern of the small bamboo beast.

  The large -scale layout industry has fallen into the field of shared charging treasure between 2020 and 2021. The corporate action is frequent: monster charging and listing, street power and search electricity are formally merged, Meituan restarts the shared charging treasure business, and new adjustments have emerged in the market structure. The concentration continues to increase. According to the "Report on Marketing Perseverance in the first half of 2021 in the first half of 2021 in the first half of 2021" (referred to as the report), the shared charging treasure industry has gone through San Dian, one beast, and four electric groups, one beast, one beast, one beast, The pattern is gradually changing to the pattern of small bamboo beasts.

  According to the report, from the perspective of merchants, the first three ranks in the first half of 2021 are Zhu Mang Technology, Monster Charging and Small Electric Technology.

Among them, as of September 30, 2021, the service of monster charging covered 10,000 points, and the number of online shared charging treasures was 5.8 million.

As of the end of 2020, Xiaodian Technology covered more than 1,700 counties and cities across the country, laid thousands of points, and put more than 6 million shared charging treasures. During the same period, Zhumang Technology’s shared charging treasure online shops in the country exceeded one million. However, behind the large -scale layout, it also means that high operating costs and market competition are also directly leading to some entry prices in the stores.

Some people in the industry said that the expansion of shared charging treasures has a relatively large dependence on merchants, and the entry fee for merchants has accounted for its operating costs. In recent years, industry competition has intensified, and the proportion of entry fees for the merchants has continued to rise.

  The prospectus of monster charging shows that in the direct operating model, the expenses expenditure, including admission fees and commissions, accounts for about 50%-70%of its charging equipment revenue.

Its financial report shows that in the third quarter of 2021, monsters charging the quarterly sales and market expenses of this quarter reached 100 million yuan, accounting for%of the quarterly revenue, a year -on -year increase of%. Points) The expansion of coverage and increase of personnel related expenses. Xiaodian Technology’s prospectus shows that the incentive fees of Xiaodian Technology increased from 100 million yuan in 2018 to 100 million yuan in 2020. The division rate increases from%to%, while the entry rate increases from 1%to%. Therefore, shared charging treasure companies have to go around in cost and profit and seek breakthroughs.

  After the horsesy circle, the price increase and the cost of the user’s habit of increasing the cost of users. In 2021, the shared charging treasures have been quietly increased, which has also aroused heated market debate. It is reported that from 2020 to 2021, the common shared charging treasure on the market is 3 yuan to 4 yuan per hour, and the capacity of 24 hours ranges from 20 yuan to 40 yuan. Under extreme cases, in some scenic spots, stations, and bars, the cost of sharing charging treasure can reach 10 yuan/hour, and the highest ceiling price of one day has reached 99 yuan. Facing the price increase, relevant companies responded that one to seize the huge subsidy of the market needs to be returned. It can be seen that prices have become the first choice for enterprises to solve cost problems. The price increase strategy of shared charging treasures has also been interviewed by regulatory authorities.

In June 2021, the Competition Bureau of the General Administration of Market Supervision, in conjunction with the Anti -Monopoly Bureau and the Online Supervision Department, held an administrative guidance meeting in the shared consumption field. Improved pricing rules such as inaccurate pricing rules and irregular prices and other improper behaviors are required to standardize price behaviors and competitive behaviors.

  At the end of August of the same year, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued a statement saying that 8 shared consumer brands such as monsters, small electricity, calls, street power, and search electricity were actively rectified, achieved results, and the price of sharing in the consumer field was effectively curbed. , Standardized.

  Under the tucao and industry supervision of consumers, the price increase has not made the days of shared charging treasure companies better. As the first monster charging financial report of the shared charging treasure, the monster charging revenue in the third quarter of 2021 was RMB 100 million, an increase of only%from the third quarter of 2020, and its operating loss in the third quarter reached 79.4 million yuan.

The Xiaodian Technology Prospectus shows that in 2020, its operating income was 100 million yuan, and net profit lost 100 million yuan.

  From the perspective of performance, in the case of limited price space, price increases have not solved the problem of losses of enterprises. The layout proxy mode is lightly packed in the battlefield facing the serious imbalance of the revenue structure. The shared charging treasure head enterprise began to try to abandon the burden of direct -operated direct business, explore the layout of the agency model, enroll agents in various places to reduce the company’s capital pressure, realize the implementation Turnive reduction and efficiency. The report shows that compared with the direct -operated model, the return period and cash flow performance of the agency model are more advantageous. In the post -epidemic era, small players were gradually retreated due to funding problems, and the shared charging treasure business gradually sank. The stock markets in the first and second -tier cities were refined. Important development direction. It is worth noting that in a response to the large -scale layoffs of Xiaodian Technology’s large -scale layoffs, this year Xiaodian Technology will focus on the overall business strategy of direct -operated+agency, which will continue to improve work efficiency, improve customer experience, and better way Provide empowerment services for partners.

  In fact, before the first half of 2021, Xiaodian Technology has always been a direct -operated model. Since July 2021, Xiaodian Technology has begun to focus on the proxy mode.

  In April 2021, after the merger of the street electricity and search, it was renamed Zhumang Technology. Zhu Mang Technology quickly integrated and achieved large -scale expansion with the innovative and straightforward model of direct -operated+agency, and achieved the achievements of millions of online shops.

  Wu Mang Technology COO Wu Yanhua once said that large cities are suitable for direct business, lower management costs, and market requirements for the market.

The agency model will be more suitable in cities and scenes in the sinking, and it also has its own unique advantages. In addition, the monster charging promotes the sinking of the business through the direct -operated+proxy mode; the Meituan also shrinks the direct business and converts into the agency model to sink into the third and fourth -tier cities. It is unknown whether the second half of the shared charging treasure can be made through the agency mode. It is unknown whether some people in the industry believe that in addition to reducing the burden, considering refined operations, choosing a suitable partner is also one of the important layout strategies.

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