"Bitten Viking" released the top ten popular words this year

"Bitten Viking" released the top ten popular words this year

Original title: "Bitting the word" release this year’s top ten popular language reporters Lu Yanxia yesterday, "biting the chewy words" editorial department released the top ten popular words in 2021, respectively"

  According to reports, "biting the word" annual top ten popular language selection is based on reflection of the annual characteristics, adheres to the principle of value, and adhering to the normative concept as the selection criteria. In December 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in a speech: "Looking at the world, we face a big change in a hundred years.

"Since then, General Secretary has repeatedly mentioned the" Centennial Universal Conversion Bureau "in important conferences and important occasions. my country’s development is facing unprecedented opportunities, and it is facing unprecedented challenges. The Communist Party struggles from 1921 to 2021. Fundamentally changed the future fate of the Chinese people, opened up the right road to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation, deeply affected the world history process. 2 The 18th National Congress of the Well-War Party clearly "comprehensive construction of a well-off society", and 19th The mobilization order of "winning a well-being built into a well-off society" is issued.

"Small Kang is not well-off, the key to see the old towns", and the levere adventure is the bottom line task of building a well-off society. Only by winning the poverty battle can ensure the comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, all of the country’s eight hundred and thirty-two poor counties have been taken, and the 120,000 poor villages have been ranked. Nearly 100 million rural poor people have achieved poverty poverty, and the United Nations two three The annual sustainable development agenda poverty alleviation goal, historically solved the absolute poverty problem, created the miracle in the history of human beings. 3 On the eve of the founding of the People’s Republic of China

"The call on the whole party must continue to be modest, cautious, not arrogant, and unauthorized style, be sure to continue to maintain a hard work style.

I don’t forget the beginning, I have to always. In the past few hundred years, the party has an excellent answer to the people to the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that when investigating Xiboho, "The challenges and problems we face are still serious, the ‘catch’ far is not ended by the party. 4 Duplex May 21, 2021, Xi Jinping hosted the 19th meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee, and the meeting considered the "Opinions on Further Alleviation of Students’ Workloads in Compulsory Education and Automatic Training." "The burden of the student work burden and off-campus training" is referred to as "double minus". The problem is too heavy in primary and secondary school students. After the "double mining" opinion, its effect is shocking, not only strengthens the main position of the school education, but effectively curbs the disorder development of the school education institution. 5 carbon dioxide, carbon neutral and "carbon-carbon peak" refers to carbon dioxide emissions no longer grow, and begins to decline after peak; "carbon neutrality" refers to enterprises, groups or individuals to cancel themselves by planting trees, energy saving and emission reduction Produced carbon dioxide emissions to achieve carbon dioxide "zero emissions". On September 22, 2020, the President Xi Jinping announced at the 75th United Nations General Assembly, China strives to achieve peaks of carbon dioxide in 2030, and strive to achieve carbon in 2060 years ago.

At this year’s "two sessions", "Carbon Treasures" "Carbon" wrote "Government Work Report" and once again attracted extensive attention.

  6 wild consumption July 2021, Henan encountered a large flood, a domestic sports brand donated 50 million yuan of material low-profile disaster relief. After the netizens were well known, they were deeply moved, and they have poured into the brand of the brand and express their support for love companies. The anchor advised everyone to rationally consume, and netizens shouted "I want wild consumption" in the barrage.

"Wild" refers to the uncut nature, "wild consumption" is unconstrained.

Language expression, highlighting love action. 7 Breaking the "Breaking Defense" This refers to breakthrough defense, originally online territory, refers to the game equipment, skills being destroyed, and lost the defending effect. The post-word meaning is attracted, and now, the psychological defense is now broken.

There are two of the "defense": one means that the heart is shameful and painful after harm, and the other is the resonance and movement of the inner being touched.

  8 Chicken Babard "Chicken Blood" is derived from the "Chicken Blood Therapy". Due to lack of scientific basis, the therapy has long been hidden, but the word "knocking the chicken blood" has been passed down, mostly used in ridicule, satiric people’s spiritual excitement, almost crazy, obsessed. In recent years, in order not to "lose in starting lines", many parents will force their children to make a lot of tutoring. This almost crazy cultivation method is ridiculed in "giving birth to a child", referred to as "chicken".

  9 lying flat "lying flat" This point is flat, and the application refers to rest. Nowadays, many people hang "lying flat", more refers to a "unreliable" "do not resist" "do not work hard", with this group "lying flat", facing each The pressure selection "one 躺 躺". In fact, many young people who shouted "lying" did not really "lie flat".

  At the end of October 2021, a network company renamed "Yuan Universe", causing widespread concern around the world. The predecessor of "Yuancos" is "Yuanjie", which earlier appeared in a science fiction, it is a virtual digital world parallel to the real world. Cannot deny that the Yuancosian is a huge opportunity of social, games, and office changes as a carrier that is a virtual world and real world. Based on a series of conceptions issued by the "Yuancos", behind the major change of human lifestyle.

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