National Energy Administration’s annual report of the government’s construction of the rule of law in 2021

National Energy Administration’s annual report of the government’s construction of the rule of law in 2021

  In 2021, the National Energy Administration adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, in -depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of Xi Jinping’s rule of law, and promoted positive progress in various rule of law. 1. In 2021, the main responsible comrades of the bureau’s party and government fulfill the responsibilities of the first responsible person in promoting the construction of the rule of law, strengthen the relevant situation of the National Energy Administration of the rule of law government construction, and attach great importance to the construction of the rule of law at the rule of law, and comprehensively promote the implementation of the work of the government’s construction.

  The first is to take the lead and organize the overall cadres to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping’s thinking of the rule of law, and implement the central government’s major decision -making on comprehensively governing the country in accordance with the law. Hold a meeting of the Leading Group for the Construction of the Rule of Law of the Bureau to review the "Implementation Plan on Adhering to the Construction of High -level and High Standards and Law Organs with the Guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thoughts of the Law of the Law", and requiring the overall cadres to accurately receive the ideological connotation of "eleven persistence", establish awareness of the rule of law and the rule of law of the rule of law Thinking improves the energy governance mechanism on the track of rule of law.

Formulate a list of key tasks of the construction of the rule of law in 2021, and arrange the work on promoting key legislation in the energy field, the construction of the rule of law organs, and administration according to law.

  Second, special deployment and coordination of key rule of law work.

Research and deployment of the legislative work of energy law, power law, and coal law.

Promoting the energy law is included in the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress to prepare for review projects. Earnestly organize the preparation of the bureau’s rights and responsibilities.

  The third is to make every effort to promote the construction of the rule of law.

Study and implement the party regulations in the party.

Organize the formulation of the "eighty -five" law plan for the energy industry to promote the publicity and education of the rule of law in the energy industry.

Carefully do a good job of administrative reconsideration and administrative response, and study rectification in time for problems such as lack of institutional and irregular procedures in administrative reconsideration.

  2. The main measures and results of the construction of the rule of law government in 2021 (1) In -depth study of Xi Jinping’s thinking of the rule of law.

The study of Xi Jinping’s rule of law as an important content of the learning center group of the bureau’s theoretical learning center and the education and training of the overall cadres requires leaders at all levels to actively use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to solve the deep problems facing high -quality development of energy.

By holding the Constitution Oathing Ceremony, the understanding and implementation of the importance of Xi Jinping’s ideas of rule of law.

The main responsible comrades of all units use the construction of the rule of law organs as an important political task, and promote various tasks into the track of the rule of law.

  (2) Actively promote legislation in the energy field. Promote positive progress in the legislation of energy law, accelerate the revision of coal law and power law, and prepare for the revision of renewable energy law. Promote the formulation of oil reserve regulations, and organize the establishment of power facilities protection regulations, and the revision of the regulations of the power grid scheduling and management regulations.

  (3) Continue to promote the reform of "decentralization service". Study and formulate the implementation opinions of the "decentralization of service" reform and optimizing the business environment in the energy field, and the system put forward work requirements.

Comprehensively promote the promise system of the power business qualification license to effectively stimulate the vitality of the market subject.

Organize comprehensive supervision of improving the "obtaining power" service level, focusing on improving the level of "three -designated" behavior of "obtaining power" service, "three designated" behavior of user electricity engineering, industry charges cleaning specifications, rural electricity infrastructure operation and maintenance Essence (4) Comprehensively strengthen standardized document management. Implement annual planning management of standardized documents to comprehensively improve the quality and timeliness of normative documents.

Carefully carry out the legitimacy review of standardized documents. (5) Strictly regulate law enforcement. Formulate the "Energy of Energy Supervision in 2021" and "Mission of Energy Regulatory Mission in 2021", and seriously investigated and dealt with a number of typical cases.

Carry out special supervision of the safety construction of the power industry team, guide the safety and orderly construction of the national power construction project, and release the "Report of the Safety Supervision and Quality Supervision and Law Enforcement Inspection of Power Construction Projects in 2020", "Supervision Report of the Implementation of Power Safety Production Policy and Regulations", Supervise the rectification and rectification of the main problems and weak links around the production safety. Regularly release the national power production safety situation and accident notification, urge the entire industry to learn lessons in a timely manner, and maintain a good situation of safety production. (6) Do a good job of administrative reconsideration and administrative response.

A total of 18 administrative reconsideration cases and 8 administrative response cases were handled throughout the year.

Give full play to the supervision function of administrative reconsideration, analyze the legal risks found in the trial of the case, and propose suggestions for improving system construction and law enforcement in a targeted manner.

Consciously maintain judicial authority and support the court to accept and trial administrative cases in accordance with the law. (7) Promoting the law of law steadily.

The implementation of the "Eighth Five Five-Year Plan (2021-2025)" and implementation of the "Energy Industry" and implementation of the "Energy Industry" and implement it in the energy industry organization. Persist in the important content of the "special courses" of the rule of law as the "special course" of cadres education and training. Organize the study of the "Administrative Penalty Law" to enhance the concept of the rule of law in accordance with the law, focusing on procedures, and supervision.

In accordance with the requirements of the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of Justice, the "4 · 15" national security legal system and the "12 · 4" constitutional publicity week activities were organized.

Implement the responsibility system for "who enforces the law". Through the "micro -class hall" and other forms of safety production, mobilize the power industry to conduct in -depth promotion and learning of the "Safety Production Law" to improve the level of safety governance in the industry. (8) In -depth public government disclosure. Preparation and distribution of public points of government affairs in 2021. Adhere to the people as the center to do a good job of interpretation and response, strengthen policy consulting services, actively answer the policy intention of accurately conveying the policy, and actively answer the consultation of enterprises and the masses by relying on the government service hall and portal website. (9) Improve the level of rule of law for letters and visits.

Strengthen the policy interpretation of the visiting people’s reception and letters and visits, guide the people’s rational and orderly expression of demands, and transform from "letters and visits" to "letters". For the visit of the masses, adhere to the "management according to regulations, classify and be responsible", and take a proper reception.

For the letter from the masses, strictly implement the "Regulations on the Teaching and Visits", register and transfer in accordance with regulations, and have a timely grasp of the situation. 3. In 2022, the main arrangements to promote the construction of the rule of law government in 2022 will continue to be guided by Xi Jinping’s ideas of rule of law, continue to promote the construction of the rule of law government, adhere to and improve the energy rule of the rule of law, and provide a strong guarantee for the high -quality development of energy.

  (1) Continue to thoroughly study Xi Jinping’s thinking.

The global cadres can accurately grasp the major deployment of "11 persistence", deeply understand the importance and urgency of building high -level and high standards of rule of law, improve the sense of responsibility of implementing the tasks of rule of law, and actively promote the high -quality development of energy through the rule of law.

  (2) Systems promote energy legislation.

Coordinating the goals of carbon peak carbon neutralization and energy security guarantee, green low -carbon transformation, etc., systematically planned key energy legislative projects that need to be promoted in the next five years, and compile energy legislative work planning. Continue to cooperate with the legislative review agency to promote the legislative work of energy law, continue to promote the formulation of the oil reserve regulations, and actively do a good job of the amendments to the power law and coal law.

Adhere to the "reform and waste", timely clean up, and revise the current regulations and regulations with carbon peak carbon neutralization, energy green and low -carbon transformation targets inconsistent and inconsistent content, as well as content that is inconsistent with the provisions of the upper law. (3) Strengthen administrative law enforcement.

Carry out administrative law enforcement in accordance with the list of powers and responsibilities, and increase administrative law enforcement involving energy supply services and energy security confession. Reflecting strong problems on the masses and carrying out centralized special rectification.

For potential risks and may cause serious adverse consequences, strengthen daily supervision and law enforcement inspections. Do a good job of administrative mediation and administrative ruling in accordance with the regulation of responsibilities.

  (4) Preparation of high -quality completion of power and responsibilities. The preparation of the power and responsibility list of the State Energy Administration high -quality, and clarify the subject, the name of the authority, responsibility, the type of power and responsibility, the basis of setting, the method of performance, and the situation of accountability of the exercise of power and responsibilities. ,specification.

  (5) Strengthen the training of cadres’ legal knowledge.

Formulate an annual training plan and organize legal knowledge training.

Combined with administrative law enforcement, administrative reconsideration and administrative response work, the "Administrative Penalty Law", "Administrative Reconsideration Law" and "Administrative Procedure Law" were announced to invite experts to interpret the basis of administrative law enforcement and law enforcement precautions. Organize energy administrative law enforcement and audit work conferences to further clarify the requirements of energy audit business work.

Comprehensively enhance the awareness of the rule of law of cadres, and enhance the legal thinking ability and business level. (6) Promote the law industry.

Continue to promote the implementation of the responsibility system for the "who enforce the law and the law", and actively actively put the law to the people in the work.

Implement the implementation plan of the "Eighth Five -Year Plan" law, popularize the knowledge of energy laws and regulations to the energy industry, and comprehensively promote the use of laws and laws in the energy industry.

  National Energy Administration April 20, 2022.

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