Changshu garbage classification is divided into experience to distribute habits

Changshu garbage classification is divided into experience to distribute habits

  "When the" San Ding and One Supervisor "was implemented at the beginning, many people didn’t understand ‘why did they divide it? Still fixed -point investment? It’s inconvenient!" Zhang Zhengliang, Shangri Garden Property Manager of Qinchuan Street, Changshu City, said Essence Since the launch of the "San Ding and One Supervisor" in 2020, Changshu City, towns, and villages have formed a garbage classification supervision team. During the daily launch period, it is guarded by the launch point to classify and guide residents.

Today, residents will take the initiative to divide the category at home and consciously carry out classification at the launching point. "Now investing in garbage, if not classified, it is not used to it." Said Ping Yafang, the owner of Shang Yili Garden.

  Over the past two years, Changshu residents have gradually become accustomed to classifying, and the changes in the Shangri Garden are a microcosm of Changshu’s implementation of garbage classification.

  "Three -increase, one decrease" has changed from fluctuations to gradually stabilizing garbage classification. Adhering to the concept of "green development", Changshu City has made every effort to build a full -loop classification and disposal system of "full coverage, four differences, and termination of the terminal, and the terminals". The total processing capacity of other garbage is 3,330 tons/day, and the full incineration is rich; kitchen waste is "located on the spot+near+concentration" disposal to meet the city’s disposal needs; The recycling system of regeneration resources is formed to recycle "a net"; harmful garbage implements a unified municipal commission disposal. In the past two years, the achievement of the "three increases, one decrease" of the city’s domestic garbage has gradually stabilized. Compared with the implementation of the "Regulations on the Management of Suzhou Domestic Waste Classification" on June 1, 2020, in the first half of 2022, the city’s other garbage volume was 1200 tons of 1200 tons. /Day (about%year -on -year), 463 tons/day (year -on -year increase of about%) for kitchen waste, 661 tons/day (increased by about%from 2020), 2 tons of harmful waste classification 2 tons /Month (more than 2020).

  In the two consecutive years of Suzhou City’s garbage classification annual special assessment, Changshu’s comprehensive results ranked first in counties and cities.

  The transition from quantitative -based to qualitative improvement of garbage classification is inseparable from strict law enforcement. It can not only maintain the authority of the Regulations, but also play a positive warning role in residents.

  In Changshu City, the residents were aimed at the waste of garbage classification, and the residents did not classify the problems such as classification, outdated, and throwing garbage bags, and made every effort to promote the quality and efficiency of the classification. From the beginning of the "comprehensive, carpet" law enforcement, to the "list -style, roller -style" bureau town two -level linkage enforcement law enforcement, focusing on the "monthly listing supervision, entering the gray and black list, and the exposure classification of the classification quality The poor community "is included in the law enforcement list, and the" punishment system "is established simultaneously.

  In the past two years, the quality and efficiency of garbage classification have changed greatly. In the "Red Gray Black List" announced in April, only 4 communities have entered the gray list, and none of them are on the list. The premise rises 50%.

  Since the implementation of volunteer propaganda from full -time to targeted accurate "Regulations", the "new fashion" of the participation of garbage classification has been fully carried out in Changshu. The participation of party members volunteers is an important assistance for practical results.常熟以“美丽常熟共同缔造”为主题,根据“党建引领、政府推动、部门联动、全面发动、全民互动”原则,聚焦垃圾分类薄弱环节,深化党建引领作用,建立了市、镇(街道)、 The community (village) and the community "the normalized linkage work mechanism of the four -level party organization", and reported through the "Pioneer Leading · Code to" applet and management platform, more than 40,000 in -service party members "cloud", village (community) Provide the intention of garbage classification services in the applet, and party members and cadres "one -click claim" community garbage classification and governance post. Today, the citizenship category awareness rate is 98%, and the participation rate exceeds 90%. This year, focusing on "new stays", "newly enrolled", and "new enrollment" personnel in the process of classification promotion this year, the problem of lack of knowledge and habits of the hive plan as the starting point of the hive plan, and formed more than 700 party volunteers, more than 700 people, more than 700 people, The 17 cities, towns, and villages of the lecturer composed of the three -level "small bee" garbage classification and preaching team of the "small bee" were conducted to conduct "in -depth entry fashion entry" targeted propaganda, and preached layers by layers to ensure that the publicity coverage was 100%.

  "Next, we will release the reading book of kindergarten and elementary and middle school campuses in" Waste Category ". Xue Jianwei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the Changshu City Administration Bureau, said," The full process of displaying the classification and investment in the form of classification in the form of graphic and text, the purpose is to realize the observation Educating a student and influencing a family, driving a strong atmosphere of the entire society to practice garbage classification. "Now, in Changshu, the awareness of classification has gradually entered the mind, and it has been implemented as specific actions. The garbage classification has gradually become everyone’s behavior consciousness. Essence In the future, Changshu will further strengthen the source reduction, focus on resource utilization, continuously improve the level of intelligence, effectively consolidate the effectiveness of garbage classification work, and continue to lead the new fashion of garbage classification.

(Ren Lin).

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