The potential of the new energy industry is the soul of green development

The potential of the new energy industry is the soul of green development

We are Zhang Chiyu and Wang Songmei, a member of the CPPCC (the economic circles), and the staff of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission. We are telling the story of Tieling’s new energy industry and the soul of casting green development.

Once upon a time, Tieling was a well -known city of "coal and electricity". It took Tieling Power Plant, Qinghe Power Plant, and Tunbingshan Coal Power Power Plant and Tiefa Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.. "Coal Power" was the pride of Tieling.

Today, while Tieling stabilizes the supply of coal, it extends the strategic tentacles that provide more green energy support for the revitalization of Liaoning old industrial bases to new areas such as development wind, solar energy, biomass energy and other areas.Renewable energy, focus on promoting green development, and actively explore the path of ecological environmental protection and economic and social development.

Tieling is moving from the "City of Coal Energy" to "City of Green Energy" and write a new green chapter on the land of northern Liaoning. From the "coal power" to "wind power", "wind power twice a year, one six months at a time". Tieling is located in the "Sanbei" style belt. It has the congenital conditions of the enriched band of the northern Liaoning hills, and the city’s wind resources have obvious advantages.

How to make full use of rich wind resources and vigorously develop the green energy industry? The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government make a decision in determining the strategy of building a new energy base: use the advantages of resources to develop the wind power industry, and strengthen and bigger the wind power industry. In history, Tieling is a traditional energy market and is the main energy output place of Liaoning. Nowadays, the big "windmills" moved by the blue sky and white clouds everywhere can be seen everywhere, and the beautiful scenery is beautiful.

28 concentrated wind farms and 15 decentralized wind power, 1.5 million kilowatt -capacity was successfully launched.

The cumulative investment scale of the new energy industry in the city has reached more than 20 billion yuan, and the power generation installed capacity is 10,000 kilowatts, ranking at the forefront of the province, accounting for%of the city’s total power generation capacity.

Among them, wind power has reached thousands of watts. After demonstration of the National Water Regulations, 5.6 million kilowatts of wind power resources can be developed in the city.

In 2022, Tieling’s innovative development ideas to explore wind power resources on both sides of the Liaohe River Basin and highways. After the calculation of experts, the city’s remaining wind power resources can develop more than 11 million kilowatts, which will form a new energy industry to develop the blue ocean.

Wind energy has injected new vitality into Tieling, a traditional energy city, and has entered a major transformation from "coal power" to "new energy", which has improved local fiscal revenue and promoted economic and social development. The dream is becoming reality. From the "green" to "noodle green" advance, while accelerating the construction of the wind power industry, Tieling also combines high -quality solar energy and a large number of biomass resources in the region to comprehensively develop new energy industries, and to promote biofuel fuel ethanol, solar energy photovoltaic, and solar photovoltaic, and solar photovoltaic, and solar photovoltaic, and solar photovoltaic, and solar photovoltaic, and solar photovoltaic, and solar photovoltaic. Garbage power generation, biomass power generation is good and fast. As an agricultural market, Tieling has a vast area and is located in the "Golden Corn Belt" and has abundant output.

Tieling planned the development of corn conversion biofuel projects according to the characteristics of its own rich land resources.

With the strong support of the provincial departments, with the joint efforts of the city and county levels, in 2018, the only 300,000 -ton fuel ethanol project in the province was completed and put into operation in Tsui Mountain.

Tieling has been paved with green energy "high -speed roads" and is accelerating the development of "low -carbon".

After demonstration of the National Water Regulations, the remaining 2 million kilowatts of photovoltaic resources can be developed in the city, and 4.5 million tons of biomass can be used annually. At present, the city has a large -scale photovoltaic power generation project for production, and the installed capacity has reached 10,000 kilowatts. The installation of biomass power generation is ranked first in the province. The grid -to -watt is performed by 10,000 kilowatts.

In 2021, the National Electric Power Investment Tieling Millions of Millions of New Energy Projects became the only demonstration project in the province to report to the national landscape fire reservation. The orderly advancement of kilowatt wind power construction projects marked a key step in Tieling’s construction of a modern energy system and promoting green transformation and development.

It is expected that at the end of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, Tieling’s total installed capacity will reach 10 million kilowatts, and the installed capacity of new energy power generation can reach more than 6 million kilowatts, accounting for more than 60%of the city’s total installed capacity, exceeding the provincial planning goals.

The use of power transformation energy, corn conversion vehicle dealers, garbage treatment can generate electricity, and collect green electricity banks. This glorious and beautiful scene reflects the results of Tieling for a long time and unremitting struggle.

From the exploration of "green" to "zero carbon" this year, the municipal government’s work report proposed: "Building a city of green development" is used as the background color of Tieling’s high -quality development. The horn of transition. During the critical period of promoting carbon -to -peaks, carbon neutrality, and work in China, Tieling focused on the national "double carbon" goal, actively responded to the EU’s new challenges of carbon tariffs, based on the construction of a global agricultural modern demonstration zone, exploring the creation of agricultural products with green electricity logo with green electricity logo "Green Electric Industrial Park" realizes the maximum value of Tieling scenery resources and promotes the realization of "zero carbon" products.

In order to add new greens to the northern Liaodian land and take a new step in the development of new energy, our city has actively planned two "over 10 billion" projects. According to various regional resources, planning and constructing 4 modern smart green food industry parks, namely Tieling County Provincial Modern Agricultural Products Gathering Park, Kaiyuan Green Food Industrial Park, Changtu County Biotechnology Industrial Park, Xifeng County function and health food industry The garden, and the development of wind power resources on both sides of the Liaohe River Basin and the highway through the excavation of the Liaohe River Basin, through the integrated method of the source of the source network, break through the bottleneck of the affordable indicator of the new energy development, and plan to build the 4 major industrial parks into a "green power industrial park" to change the scenery. Resource advantages are industrial advantages, reduce the cost of electricity consumption in the park, and create an export base for energy price depression and green electricity products.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of the "Green Electric Industrial Park", our city also plans to promote energy storage projects. It mainly uses pumping energy storage and multiple peak -regulating and frequency -regulating energy storage power stations to support the development of network -side energy storage, and simultaneously improves the supporting construction park. Energy storage facilities realize the 24 -hour green power supply of the park day and night, and actively coordinate the State Grid Tieling Power Supply Company to build a new 500 kV New Energy Collection Station and related supporting projects in Changtu to ensure the development of energy transformation and development in the city.

Green, the strong sound of the construction of the ecological civilization of Tieling; Tieling took the pace in the construction of the "City of Green Energy". The new energy industry has gradually become a new business card for the development of Tieling, a new engine for economic and social development, and promoting Tieling’s transformation of green wheels to move forward. The hard work and wisdom of Tieling people will give new energy more exciting connotations. Tieling, this "city of energy", the focus of "energy" is fission, from "one -branch" to "multi -bloom", green and high -quality development is starting at full speed. Tieling Daily All -Media reporter Wu Ke Editor: Ma Chi.

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