Guangdong Yunfu: "1+1+N" new path of Zhizhi to make grassroots governance accurate and efficient

Guangdong Yunfu: "1+1+N" new path of Zhizhi to make grassroots governance accurate and efficient

Guangdong Yunfu: "1+1+N" Smart Governance new path allows grassroots governance to accurately and efficient release time: 2022-06-0215: 25 Thursday Source: □ Rule of Law Daily All-Media Reporter Bao Jingzhang Ning Dan in recent years, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province in the city society In the pilot work of governing modernization, give full play to the role of intelligence and governance, and strive to achieve "true wisdom, true burden, real efficiency, and truth -to -science and technology." "The new path of Zhizhi realizes the" precise decisive, decisive, efficient efficiency, and half -effective "effectiveness of grass -roots social governance, which greatly enhances the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the masses. Since the establishment of the "smart governance base" municipal social governance modernization pilot, Yunfu City reviews the city’s social governance with wisdom and thinking, and systematically sortes out according to business and actual needs to form a working platform integrating data, business and artificial intelligence.

Build a "smart governance base" that is horizontal to the edge, predict early warning, conduct and scheduling, supervise rankings, scientific modeling, and self -evolution and growth. More than 200 categories of related database tables of more than 100 million units, support the application of service applications for vertical and horizontal diversified business scenarios.

In the pilot work of weaving "Smart Governance Grid", in order to make the wisdom governance flat and refined management, Yunfu City further refined 6060 comprehensive governance grids to 17,454 "border micrometers", "point micro -network" "Grid", relying on the massive data of the "smart governance base", the "picture of the picture", the "smart governance grid", the organization, business process, governor, service management objects, etc. of full -toss -angle links, etc. Highlight ten aspects of social security, contradiction resolution, convenience services, and comprehensive law enforcement, and jointly implement "full -cycle management and full -loop governance". In the pilot work of the "Smart Governance Scene", Yunfu City set up N application scenarios for social governance intelligence.

The establishment of a precise governance scenario not only sets up "one enterprise, one yard" for key enterprises, sets "one house, one code" for the house, but also configures "one household and one lock" for rental houses. All society supervisors and grid staff inspection information; set up collaborative governance scenarios, set up "hanging charts" in the large screen of the command center, "one pair N" plan smart dispatch platform, innovating the intelligent grasp of the grid information and case incidents, Automatically generate smart governance big data to generate the "Ping An Index" to accurately achieve the effectiveness of safety construction; build a research and judgment and analysis scenario, form normal independent research and judgment, aggregate real -time information and various Internet of Things sensors, establish an independent operation algorithm model, and achieve realization For automatic warning and automatic push disposal of various places and objects, the experience practices and practices of grass -roots cadres are transformed into algorithm models under the governance of smart governance.

Capture high incidents and judges with high -frequency places and events as dimensions, and provide scientific and accurate effective information.

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