Economic development has strong toughness and vitality

Economic development has strong toughness and vitality

  The solid foundation accumulated in the early stage of development has laid the "bottom of the family" for China to resist various risk challenges, and builds the cornerstone for China to jump to a higher development realm. The vitality will promote the wind and waves of China’s economy, and the more the butterfly that completes the high -quality development, the more you fly against the wind, the more you can show the toughness; the more you go against the water, the more you can show your vitality.

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the complex situation of the century -old changes and the century epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, all regions and departments have strongly coordinated the prevention and control of the epidemic and the development of economic and social development. Essence In the first quarter, the main macro indicators remained in a reasonable range, and the foundation of "stable" was continuously reinforced. The "entry" kinetic energy was constantly gathering, fully showing the strong toughness and vitality of China’s economic development.

  The wind knows the grass, and the fire seeks the real gold.

General Secretary Xi Jinping’s major assertion on the development of my country’s development has "five strategic favorable conditions". The important one is "a solid foundation for continuous and rapid development." This important conclusion deeply reveals the long -term fundamental fundamentals of my country’s economy, and profoundly reveals that my country’s economic development has many advantages and conditions. Quality development has injected strong confidence and motivation.

  As analysts say, "China is a huge success story in the economic field."

The accumulated accumulated material wealth increase, and the precipitation of the strong material wealth constitutes a solid foundation for my country’s economic development.

From the perspective of economic aggregate, in 2021, my country’s economy has passed the 110 trillion yuan mark, accounting for more than 18%of the world economy, and the contribution rate to the world economic growth has reached about 25%. From the perspective of the improvement of people’s livelihood, under the current standards, under the current standards, the current standards 98.99 million rural poor people have all poverty alleviation, basic medical insurance covers more than 1.3 billion people, and basic endowment insurance covers more than 1 billion people. From the perspective of scientific and technological innovation, Beidou III global satellite navigation system, domestic aircraft carriers, domestic large aircraft and other large countries. Heavy weapons have been born one after another, and the "three new" economies such as big data, cloud computing, and 5G communication are constantly emerging. The economic system and development model with innovation as the main leading and supporting support are being formed. These realistic and true chapters, these visible and touched changes fully illustrate the significant enhancement of my country’s economic strength, scientific and technological strength, national defense strength, and comprehensive national strength. China in the new era stands in the world with a more majestic posture in the world Oriental. Essence

  The strong toughness of China’s economy has been tested and proved by various "pressure tests". This kind of toughness is reflected in the large economic volume of China’s economy, a wide range of rooms, and a large large -scale market, which makes my country’s economy have obvious economic effects and can slow down external impact. This toughness is reflected in my country. The system, the supply chain system is complete, the industrial supporting ability is strong, and the large -scale and wide distribution micro -subject constitutes a complex and organic structure, forming a risk -decentralized mechanism, and self -repairing the ability. There are enough policy tools to cope with impact, capable of preventing the economy, and keeping the systemic risk bottom line; this toughness is reflected, the Party Central Committee efficiently coordinates the prevention and control of the epidemic and the economic and social development. The spread of the epidemic, minimizing the impact of epidemic situation on economic and social development.

It can be said that the solid foundation accumulated in the early stage of development has laid the "bottom of the family" for China to resist various risks and challenges, and builds the cornerstone for China’s jump to a higher development realm.

  The vitality of the Chinese economy is constantly showing in high -quality development.

While the total economic and scale continues to cross the new mark, the Chinese economy is still undergoing deep changes. The structure is optimizing, the transformation, the quality improvement, and the enhancement of efficiency.

In the first quarter of this year, the added value of high -tech manufacturing industry increased significantly year -on -year faster than that of industrial growth above the size, and the industrial upgrade has led to a significant role; the value -added of information transmission, software and information technology services has remained rapid growth, and the situation of innovation and development continues; in the end The contribution rate of consumer expenditure to economic growth has been greatly improved compared to the same period of the previous year, and the economic structure is adjusted and optimized; the proportion of clean energy consumption continues to increase, and the green transformation has steadily advanced; "From the" old kinetic energy "to" new kinetic energy ", from" accumulation "to" improvement quality ", the new development concept is integrated into all aspects of development. Evolution at the stage. If the strong toughness allows the Chinese economy to overcome all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, then the vitality of rushing will promote the Chinese economy to break the waves and complete the butterfly changes with high -quality development. "The Chinese economy is a sea" "After countless winds and rain, the sea is still there!" The Chinese economy has the ability to face difficulties and climb overlap. Beyond self, it can completely resist short -term fluctuations and win long -term development. As long as we can better grasp the strategic favorable conditions, we can make the right direction in the chaos and risks in the face of risks and challenges, and we will definitely promote the Chinese economic ships to cut waves and stabilize. (Responsible editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Share more people see the client download.

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