"Champion City" seven rivers painted sports blueprint vigorously developed ice and snow sports

"Champion City" seven rivers painted sports blueprint vigorously developed ice and snow sports

Wang Ting, deputy mayor of Qixihe City, Wang Ting, deputy main committee of the China Democratic Alliance, Seven River Municipal Committee.

People’s Network Sujingang photo Wang Ting said that there are currently 13 Winter Olympics in the National Winter Sports Project. Heilongjiang athletes have won 9, while seven hiking short track speed sliding athhers have received 6, accounting for the country "Half Way Jiangshan" in the total number of gold medals in Winter Olympics. Seven River City was listed by the State Sports General Administration as "National Key High Horizontal Sports Reserve Talent Base" and "National Short Track Speed ??Sports Training Base".

The Qitaihe City fully exerts the role of the backup talent base, short traveler, sports training base, and competitive sports work has achieved new results.

Mainly reflected in: First, the number of athletes who selected the national team was innovative.

At present, there are 19 people in the country’s four ice and snow projects (single ski U-shaped pool, short track speed slippery, speed slippery, skiing ski), and the number of people attended by the national team reached the highest history.

Second, the total number of people who selected the provincial team athletes were selected.

Currently, 48 people selected from the provincial team, and nearly 3 times higher than the 2014 Russian Sochi Winter Olympics.

The third is to fill in the holiday in the winter sports in Qihe City.

Three projects in the single-board ski U-pool, speed and other three projects have won 5 national and provincial gold medals. The fourth is that the reserve talent reserves ranks in the country.

In 2020, 5 ice and snow sports students were added to the original six ice and snow characteristics, and the total number of people in the training run was 442. The fifth is the promotion of professional movement levels in the "provincial team market".

Heilongjiang Youth Team settled in Qitaihe, marking the upgrade of seven rivers and short track speed skating projects from the city-level amateur training to provincial professional training, and shoulders the glorious responsibility of cultivating short-track fast-sliding at the national team. . In order to better help 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Qitaihe City gives full play to the advantages of short travelers and quick-slip projects and the reserve talent reserve advantages, and actively do excellent sports talent transport and national ice and snow sports. First, strengthen outstanding athletes selection. In accordance with the "pyramid" structure and "sports school integration" mode, based on the short track speed skating basic education, highlight the improvement of the quality of athletes, and make a good fortune for the cultivation of the country, further enhance the high quality of cultivation. The level of athletes has to transfer 67 outstanding athletes to the state and province since the level of the athlete to prepare for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The second is to strengthen humanistic care. Seven River City has established a state, provincial-level training, transportation, transportation, transportation machine, all-round, solicit, so that athletes can be trained wholeheartedly, and glory for the country. The third is extensive to the massive ice and snow sports event.

In the past three years, the Qitaihe City has held "enjoying the ice" public ice and snow series of ice and snow events, and more than 30,000 people participated in the public ice and snow activities in the city. The Cultivation Basis of Seven River Ice Snow Sports Reserve Talents.

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