The offline teaching of elementary schools and kindergartens in Guangzhou is recovered in an orderly manner

The offline teaching of elementary schools and kindergartens in Guangzhou is recovered in an orderly manner

In the front road kindergarten in Haizhu District, the child first measures the temperature and then enters the park.

  "Spring wind ten miles, it is better to have you on campus." On April 25, in addition to the controlled area and control zone in Guangzhou, the school in Baiyun District recovered offline teaching in an orderly manner. The city’s primary school resumed offline teaching in an orderly manner, and kindergarten children entered the park normally. Early in the morning, the students were carrying schoolbags to school. The teachers and students met with joy, and the campus was full of laughter.

  On the morning of April 25th, the electronic screen of the Haizhu District Experimental Primary School rolled the warm words that welcome students to return to school.

"Good classmate!" "Teacher is good!"

  Every day, the peak returned to school to cover the reporter every week at the scene that the students went to school in the grade.

Students enter the campus and wash their hands strictly, wash their hands, and "enter the entrance" to go back to school. Zhang Lin, Vice President, introduced that after returning to school, the school strictly implemented the epidemic report, morning lunch inspection, absence of classes for illness/absentee tracking registration, epidemic prevention and control health and safety education, etc. Spring inspections, full coverage every week. Pingsha Peiying School, located in Baiyun District, has also ushered in classmates returning to school.

There are more than 700 students in 18 classes in the school at the junior high school. On the 24th, more than 400 accommodation students returned to school first.

From 7 to 20 am yesterday, junior high school students who were studying also returned to school. Starting at 7:30, students in 32 classes in the primary school also returned to school one after another. Each grade in each grade returns in batches in batches, about 15 minutes each. Before returning to school this time, Pingsha Peiying School organized a total of nearly 10,000 teachers and students to test nucleic acid testing.

  At the Qianjin Road Kindergarten (Haiyi Park) in Haizhu District, less than 8:30 in the morning, the children have already entered the park, and almost everyone will say hello to the teacher.

After entering the park, the children lined up in an orderly queue under the guidance of the teacher. After returning to the school, the garden party carried out all -person training and emergency drills around the weekend. The next week will conduct random inspections on teachers and students every day, which will achieve full coverage of nucleic acid testing a week.

  When the basketball played, the flute played in the Ruian Campus of Longkou West Primary School in Tianhe District. Langlang read the sound of reading in the classroom, the yells of basketball games floated on the playground, the music room played the lapse of Leming. lively. The first thing a classmate returned to school came to ask the teacher, "Can we play?" After the teacher’s consent, the students picked up the basketball and ran on the playground.

Chen Zhuoxuan, a fifth grade, said that it was very happy to return to school and play basketball again.

The fifth grade Liu Ruichen and Du Yiwen returned to the school to pick up the leaves early in the morning. The two children said that they hoped that their friends would feel a clean and tidy environment as soon as they returned to the campus.

"Back to school, I was particularly excited to see teachers and classmates." The two children said. In Jinlanyuan Primary School in Liwan District, the first thing the students returned to school were to post their wishes on the "Life Tree" in front of the school, and remove the fruits on the tree of life.

Wish posts entrust the students’ expectations of returning to school and summarizing the gains of home learning and exercise. Children in the morning of the Grand Class of Qianqiang Road Kindergarten in Haizhu District said that because of their parents at work, he liked to play puzzles with his grandparents at home during the suspension. Essence Now returning to kindergarten, he can play with the best friends.

  "You seem to be delicious", "Plant Encyclopedia Treasure Hunt", "Unique You" … On the playground of Xueteng Kindergarten in Liwan District, children sitting around the small tent in three or three places, each holding the picture books with a interesting look. The days of returning to the garden coincided with Xueteng Kindergarten to carry out reading monthly activities. Children brought the bookmarks and parent -child picture books made with their parents at home to share with their companions with their companions. Xueteng Kindergarten has also prepared a bookmark full of love for children, and hopes that children will develop good reading habits.

  "Good aunt.

"In Tianhe District, a first -year young classmate said to the duty teacher." After two weeks, I forgot to call the teacher.

"Liu Jianyong, the principal of the primary school, said," I heard the children’s voice very kind again, and the school also had the vitality of life because of the children.

Chen Wu, the principal of Longkou West Elementary School, told reporters that the first day of the return to school, the teachers of various subjects will not rush to learn progress for the time being. Chen Wu said that although the teacher will interact with the students every day during online study, everyone can also meet online, but after all, online is different from face to face.

Therefore, the class meeting on the day will be based on the theme of "Home Life ‘Little Fortunately’", sharing home learning life, and promoting the feelings between teachers and students and classmates. Secondly, teachers can also use this to understand the students’ learning situation and prepare for the restoration of normal teaching. Back to school, the "Heart" began the first lesson of the Liban District Kang Youwei Memorial Primary School in the first lesson after returning to school after returning to school.

The head teachers of each class cooperated together to guide students to learn psychological adjustment. In the first lesson, the teacher also organized the students to review the learning of their respective home lines. They shared the learning fun of the "home of the home" through short videos, and wrote "postcards from the future".

In the familiar environment and atmosphere, the students adjusted their learning status after returning to school and quickly integrated into the offline learning life. On the afternoon of the 24th, we all received a text message from the entire school of Chaotian Elementary School in Yuexiu District. It was a notice sent by the principal Kong Hongqun: "Good parents.

I will resume class tomorrow. For two weeks online, our children always have things that make you comfortable, assured and even moved … I want to ask you to do one thing when you have time to sit down today, hug our children, boast our children together Faced with difficulties, he tried to overcome difficulties.

I firmly believe that this will definitely give children motivation and help children grow up healthy! Tomorrow, I will be waiting for the children, interview the children, and hope to read you (her) today from the child’s smile.

"Yesterday, Chaotian Elementary School took the first lesson to return to school with" we are all star pickers ", so that the children knew that the reason why they could return to their favorite campus could not be separated from everyone’s efforts. My own cooperation and self -discipline. The first lesson praised the students who performed well during the online study and encouraged everyone to continue to work hard to return to the offline study in a better state. The normalized epidemic prevention and control of the Sand Primary School in Liwan District in each class in each class The classroom was held in the "Cloud Banner Ceremony".

At around 8:30 in the morning, the ringtone sounded, and the class teachers of each class opened the courseware that had already been prepared.

The courseware covers the knowledge related to the prevention and control of normalization epidemic, psychological guidance after re -class. The class teachers explained the knowledge of daily specifications such as enrollment, class, school, and emergency treatment after returning to school after returning to school, and guiding the students to welcome the campus life after returning to school with an optimistic, confident and sunshine attitude.

  (Text/Reporter Liu Xiaoxing, Xie Zekai, Lin Xinzheng, Lin Xiahong, Zeng Jun, Wang Jing, Chen Junsheng Intern Peng Yi, a picture/Reporter Chen Junsheng, Lin Xinzheng, Chen Youzi) People see.

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