["Two high and two" look at Xiamen] The light of the event is the development of Xiamen Development Road

["Two high and two" look at Xiamen] The light of the event is the development of Xiamen Development Road

The 21st Party will be held in Xiamen on September 8th to 11th. The picture shows the opening ceremony of the twentieth negotiation meeting, Wuzhou guest gathered. Wang Hui Yan Turning Real Equipment Project promotes Xiamen Economic Development Remodation Upgrade In May this year, the total investment of 48 billion yuan in Xiamen Tianma 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line project main plant ahead of successfully capped, strength refresh the same model panel Plant construction speed.

This is the world’s largest monomeric electronics plant with more than 650,000 square meters. When the top of the news, the netizens have praised, "It is a speed of Tianma, it is Xiamen Speed."

The project is the "train head" that pulled the economic development. A key project from planning map to construction map, which is injecting new kinetic energy for Xiamen "two high and two" urban construction, and many projects "marriage" is due to negotiation Can.

At the 2019 Building, Botai Group set up a Botai South Headquarters in Xiamen. The relevant person in charge said: "We are very optimistic about Xiamen’s business environment and industry foundation. The Tianma Microelectronics in Xiamen is also our supplier, and the choice of Xiamen will help us improve the industrial chain." Enterprise projects signed over the years It is not difficult to find that Japanese electrical nitrate, ABB, Huawei, Lenovo, Nestle, Jingdong, and US Mission and other well-known enterprises are listed. They are constantly investing, capital increasing and even attracting, closely fits in the development direction of Xiamen’s millions of industrial chains. The important part of the industrial chain is completed, and the main melody of Xiamen’s economic development is played. "Don’t be empty, don’t be ignorant." The world attracts Xiamen, the project will continue to make this development, dare to win the city, and push the forefront of the world stage. Xiamen hugs the world, this passion, the city that is frank and hard work is constantly involved in the big stage of the big era, with a trunk to hold a dream. Vitality compete, the source is full of flow.

At present, Xiamen is based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, actively serving and depth into the new development pattern, accurately grasping effective investment, in project planning, negotiation, signing, construction, completion, production, operation, capital increase Provide full chain strengthening services, forming a strong situation of effective investment, and fully opens the "accelerator" of investment promotion.

The data shows that in January-June this year, 6,129 new landing projects in Xiamen have a plan to invest in 10 billion yuan. Among them, there are 245 high-level projects, and the total investment of 210.6 billion yuan, accounting for the number of new landing projects and total investment. 4%,%, and development level continue to change the upgrade. The zoom in the compensation Effect Xiamen promotes accurate investment in China.

With the approach of the Compliments, the merchants of Xiamen Group invited, the preparations such as investment promotion and other preparations are effective, and the ship of cooperation will soon sail. Effects of complementary parties in the past year, constantly empowered Xiamen open development, and also provides strong thrust for the city’s investment promotion.

From Xiamen University, the Century Celebration Global Alumni Merchants Congress will return to the alumni to return to the alumni, and the municipal school will take the alumni economy, and the 11 central enterprises in the Digital China Summit are included in the contract, with a total investment of 45.6 billion yuan; from a strong chain Demand, combing the investment of central enterprises, to the development of key industrial chain investment map, focus on "a map, a batch of projects"; from all-round planning activities, 锲 锲 不 精 精 精 精 精 精 精 活动 精 舍 精 舍 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动 活动Since this year, Xiamen is closely surrounding "The investment promotion is only strengthened, and there can be no weakening" requirements, and further improve the professional and accurate investment level. This matter, persevere advancement of accurate investment, effective investment, scientific investment, and promoting the city’s investment promotion efforts into a deeper and broad level. In the first half of the economic conference held in each area in Xiamen, the project investment and project construction is particularly prominent in various districts. All districts still put the project as the top priority, put the strategic emerging industry as the main attack direction, further consolidate the industrial foundation, play the support of the entity economy, according to their respective work characteristics, propose "Deepening the project to attack, accelerate the transformation of the block" " Maintain a fierce momentum, pay close attention to the project, "" The foundation of "" The foundation of the stability, the subtle "," continues to deepen the "venting service" reform, fully comb, form a series of targeted, effectiveness Investment measures. "Today’s Xiamen, just like an open fan, ‘fan head’ and center of gravity in the island, ‘fan" is exported to the island, one island, one bay, island.

"It is reported that with this company’s economic meeting, Xiamen focuses on the development of planning construction and investment and investment, active docking, and vigorously introducing a batch of high-energy projects matching a batch of block function positioning. At the same time, at the same time, at the same time, all departments of each district will continue to rely on the financial brick innovation base, the self-contained test area, independent innovation demonstration zone, Haishu fulcrum, all new city districts, etc. Expand the interior link, open space, increase innovation, and promote Xiamen City to build an open-end economic new system.

Enjoy the rush of the tide, and the drums are taking the boat.

Nowadays, Xiamen has learned from the history of the 100-year party history, standing in the 40th anniversary of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the construction of the building, the effect of the investment fair, slap the slogan, struggling, accelerating the high level of the new era, open new highlands Surfing the singular singing in high quality development. (Cui Wei) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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