World Health Team: In principle, 5 years and less children should not wear masks

World Health Team: In principle, 5 years and less children should not wear masks

Original title: World Health Team: In principle, 5 years old and below children’s Peng wearing masks People’s Daily Online United Nations August 25 (Reporter Li Xiaohong) World Health Organization 24 issued a suggestion issued by children’s masks during the new crown epidemic In principle, it is not required to wear a mask for 5 years and less.

  WHO said that the proposal is based on comprehensive consideration of safety, overall interests, and children under the minimum help.

Some areas may require children and below to wear masks, and may need to make children and below a mask in special circumstances. If you need to wear a mask, parents or guardians should always let children be in their own sight, and keep in monitoring the use of masks safe.

  For children aged 6-11 need to wear masks, WHO and children’s foundations are recommended to make judgments according to the following situations: whether the place of residence has large virus spreads; masks acquisition, cleaning and replacement of convenience; if there are adults Correctly guiding and supervising masks safe wearing, detia and use; wearing masks on the potential impact of learning ability and social psychological development; whether children will contact other patients with high-risk groups, such as elderly people or basic diseases. For children, WHO and earlings, the WHO and earlier believes that the conditions of wearing masks are the same as adults, that is, in areas where the epidemic is spread, it is necessary to wear in the case of a social distance that cannot be maintained at least 1 meter. Facial mask. WHO said that children with development barriers, disabilities, or other health problems, no matter what age, it should not force its wear masks, doctors, parents and teachers, should make a decision after careful analysis of individual specific situations. There is a serious cognitive and respiratory disorder, and there is a difficulty in which the mask is tolerance, no matter what case, it should be worried. WHO pointed out that some teachers who cannot wear masks due to disability or special circumstances, and in the special case of oral classes, they must see the selection of protective surfaces such as masks, and the surface screen should It is possible to cover the entire face, the wrapping face, and extends below the chin, should pay attention to safety when wearing, avoiding the surface of the face or the eye injury. What masks should children be worn? WHO pointed out that in principle, it is recommended that healthy children wear non-medical masks or fabric masks, which prevent children from infecting viruses from other people.

Adults who provide masks must ensure that the mask size is correct and can completely cover the child’s nose and chin. Children with genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis, cancer or immunosuppressed children should wear medical masks under the premise of consulting doctors.

  The WHO also said that children should not wear masks in sports or physical activities, such as running, jumping, and play, so as not to affect breathing. When organizing children participate in the above activities, children should actively guide children to take other important public health epidemic prevention measures, such as maintaining a social distance of at least 1 meter, reducing the number of children commonly playing, and providing and encouraging hand cleaning products and facilities. (Editor: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).

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