Shijingshan Market Supervision Bureau opened license to handle the "code" platform

Shijingshan Market Supervision Bureau opened license to handle the "code" platform

This newspaper (Reporter Wang Wei) is a common tricky problem that the applicant’s registration policy is unclear. The Shijingshan District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has recently opened the license handling code top platform.

The applicant sweeps through WeChat, you can achieve all seconds to obtain various types of registration registration information, which greatly facilitates the company’s opening, and has become a powerful initiative to continue to advance the optimization business environment. It is reported that the execution code of the license is divided into the latest policy interpretation, the license handling Raiders, Hui En-enterprise new government video number, general application document four major modules.

The four major modules fully covered the registration registration policy initiative, the process and the information of paper materials.

In the platform construction, the bureau has established a systematic policy database to achieve a national-level, municipal, and district registration policy. Really let the applicant experience the registration of registration, there is a law, and there is a subject. You can also check the latest version of business range via the code to serve the service platform. Convenient applicant’s business scope, reduce online registration business scope fill in the error rate, and realize the standardization of the applicant’s self-service scale. In the work, in order to achieve the visualization of registration policies, the bureau also opened the stone-like registration knowledge small classroom, through the real people explained, detailed interpretation of all kinds of optimized business environment new politics, publicize all kinds of Hui En-enterprise facilitation measures, Q & A application Frequently visible problems, respond to various policy issues concerned with the company’s attention. Through online registration of the full process dynamic demonstration, solve the problem that the company does not apply online, the law is difficult to understand, through the video full process, the full steps will be reported one by one, and answer questions for the company.

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