Ruisi, Zhejiang: Let the city and the township "singing and coordination", how is Zhejiang did

Ruisi, Zhejiang: Let the city and the township "singing and coordination", how is Zhejiang did

  In the newly announced data from the Zhejiang Survey Corps, the National Bureau of Statistics, the per capita disposable income of Zhejiang urban and rural residents has grown, and the growth rate of rural residents’ income is relatively faster, and the income ratio of urban and rural residents has dropped to a sharp situation in 8 consecutive years. Since 1993, it has been less than 2 since 1993, which triggered a high degree of attention.

Zhejiang has become one of the highest life of farmers’ lives and urban and rural integration.

  Urban and rural residents’ income ratio is less than 2, this is an important symbol of high-level urban and rural balanced development. Recently, netizens discuss the "Zhejiang Urban and Rural Residents’ Income Compare" is not low. According to Xinhua Ruisi system, it is known that January 21 is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 6321.

The hot words with high frequency are: beautiful, country, development, poverty, villagers. In "Zhe", sometimes you will not be clear in the city or rural: flat spacious cement pavement, clean and tidy health environment, view pleasant casual parks and facilities, complete sports fitness, and comprehensive coverage Network signals, etc., have subverted the inherent impression of people in rural areas. Zhejiang Village Revitalization Research Institute, chief expert, believes that urban and rural residents’ income is continuous, in fact, Zhejiang has a better construction of a new type of worker and prosperity to promote farmers in the city, urban and rural common prosperity. Relationship . Zhejiang Sui came to "Hidden people", and some netizens said that many policies in Zhejiang are in the leading position in the country, and some regional rural employment opportunities can only be worker or go out. Many villagers in Zhejiang are their own "boss", and the spirit of living to the old "dry" to the old struggle is also an indispensable factor in creating wealth. The Zhejiang market economy is active, a history of peasant entrepreneurship is a history of open struggle. Especially more than ten years of "10 million project" construction, let thousands of beautiful villages stand out. Relying on the beautiful homes, grab the beebulent leisure needs, many villagers choose return to the village to start a business will change the "green water Qingshan" into "Jinshan Yinshan".

The charm and vitality of the wide field are released, rural tourism, health care, sports health, cultural and creativity, etc. Raising a city, a group of new rural service style winds, have become new channels that have become rich in farmers, and the new growth points of rural economy.

  On the other hand, the income ratio of urban and rural residents in the province fell to 2 or less, inseparable from the region, the coordinated development of people’s income.

By transforming the povertovers, no longer ordering the system reform from the face, but turning to the development of regional economy development, Zhejiang has continuously improved the level of poverty problems. At the end of 2015, Zhejiang made absolute poverty into history; 2020, Zhejiang has eliminated the annual income of 8,000 yuan in the year.

  After years of development, Zhejiang became one of the highest income of urban and rural residents, the best urban and rural integration, and took the lead in become a new urbanization and new rural construction two-wheel drive promotion urban and rural integration. The high level is fully built into a well-off society, it is difficult to point in the countryside, focus on farmers.

Despite the attention of the past, it still needs attention. At present, the income of urban and rural residents still has a gap. The low income population of rural areas is more, urban and rural infrastructure and public service gaps, urban and rural education technology and urban and rural residents’ human literacy gaps still need to be reduced.

  The income gap in urban and rural residents is gradually narrowing the first step. In the future, Zhejiang thinks how to build a new pattern in urban and rural integration. Yuan Jiajun, secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee, said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Zhejiang will use the structural reform of agricultural supply side, with technology innovation, institutional innovation, model innovation and digital empowerment, promote high quality and rural areas. Your career, farmers are rich and rich. The city and the township are two spatial vectors that people produce life; it is also a pair of relationships in human economic development. Let the urban and rural synchronization development, under the new development pattern, Zhejiang not only has a solid foundation for the residents of the province, but also meet the people’s forwarding of the people.

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