The branch is built in the fire, the more burn it (the party flag is flutter)

The branch is built in the fire, the more burn it (the party flag is flutter)

  "In front of difficulties, the support committee first!" No. 83 Army Army Training Field, a military profession, a multi-class competition, a special game.

The "Hongyi" Lianhang Huirui led the first procedure of the committee to assault the vehicle group, continuously impact on complex rugged roads, and took the lead in arriving at the target position. "As long as the party members are charged before, the soldiers will keep up tight.

"Hu Chenglei introduced that" Hongyi "is the hero of the birth of the autumn harvest. He has participated in more than 300 battles, and set up the" Battle of Battle "and other title.

  In September 1927, Mao Zedong led the autumn reception force to the Sanyan Village, Yongxin County, Jiangxi Province, and tied to the troops. Mao Zedong decided to conduct a large number of party members, combat power and cohesiveness, and in person with six new party members in the company, establish the first team party branch, and create our army. The "Branch is built into the first", which established the absolute leadership of the Party on the army from political organization.

  Blood inheritance, transfer. In the past 93 years, Hongyi has been completed by 19 times, 21 shifting. Equipment is replaced, prepared in the adjustment, but the company has always kept the party to walk, and resolutely listen to the army soul of the party Chinese does not change, insist on the actual actions of the absolute loyalty to the party into the actual actions of the strong army.

Every time the master is handed, first handover in the Historius; new cadres, first "traditional closing, theoretical off, military off"; new soldiers, the first meal of eating is the red rice, pumpkin soup, singing A song is "Red Song", the first class of the "Branch is built in" ideological and political class. Entering the new era, "Hongyi" officers and men continue to burn China, polite party members, inherit and carry forward the "branch buildings", have completed the mandate such as international peacekeeping, international governments and National celebrations. 7 times were commended to the national advanced grassroots party organization, 5 times and were awarded honorary titles such as "Party Branch Construction Model", which was rated as "military training first level". (Taoran participated in the interview) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona).

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