Yinfa party members have inherited the red initial heart, and the party history of learning is "live"

Yinfa party members have inherited the red initial heart, and the party history of learning is "live"

Modern Express News (Reporter Zhu Whaun Correspondent Liu Yating Qian Tianyi) In order to promote the learning education of party history, Wuxi Binhu District Ma Yushan Street Guzhu Community fully plays a unique advantage of "live parties" of the old party members, The old party members read the party history, listened to the old party members to talk about the party history, the initial heart, further strengthen the "belonging", inheriting the red gene, and leading the young party members.

Dialogue old party members, growing new youth "I was 90 years old, when I passed the soldier, I was in the party in 1973. Now there are three party members in our home, I feel particularly proud.

"In the farmhouse in the ancient bamboo community, an old man is giving a young party member of the community with his own life story, looking back the past.

He wearing simple but spiritual shake, the party emblem of the chest appeared to be extravagant, he is the old party member of the ancient bamboo community. In order to help the community party members further strengthen the ideal belief in party history, the Guizhu Community Party invites retired teachers, veterans, etc. to the grassroots masses and young party members to share those thrilling revolutionary stories. From the Mashan Revolutionary History, the anti-US aid war, the old party members have no movement in the "Fire Red New Year" dedication.

"I hope that young people, especially young party members, always put the party in their hearts, cherish the past, look forward to the future, strengthen self-study, self-transformation, and improve self-cultivation.

"The retired teacher Qin Jiqi put forward the message to young party members.

The history of the small courtyard, walked again and walked "New" "Ruijin, as one of the Chinese red capital, the long-lasting origin, has a long history …" This is carried out in the Guizhu Community Danqing Cloth The Theme of "Listening to Party Members’ Story – Red Cloud Base". The live objects such as military caps, grass shoes, etc.

From the first rural revolutionary according to Jinggangshan to Long Mountain to the Long Miao departure from Ruijin, and then go to the meeting of the meeting, the Gongzhu Community Party has continued to carry out three consecutive party history learning education.

At the end of each period, the community’s lens records every party member for the blessings of "Building the Party", these videos and photos will become the most precious information, let the young people in the ancient bamboo community remember the sparkling in the old generation The rays of the body.

Combined with the "small court party building" brand, Guzhu Community vigorously build N small courtyard classroom, through the development of the party class, produce red small orientation, Mashan earth specialty, cool handmade fan, etc., promote new and old party members to exchange, in young party members In that, they are the best propagandists of the party, spread the party’s spirit to every corner of Guzhu, and continue to promote party history education and education to go to "new". One hundred years of writing, the new Huazhang, the new Huazhang, the heart, my heart is still. At the Guizhu Community "Glorious in the 50th Year" commemoration ceremony, the old party members used the red finger to print the loyalty to the party on the message board, using the signature of the power, wrote down the heart of the party. .

"The first love of the world" "Honghu Water Waves" "Heroes War Song" … a generous song leads party members to return to the fire. The old party member Huang Hao Yu is still unite and take the initiative to sing a red song that is familiar, and the singing songs have attracted the party members in the field to clarify, enthusiasm. "Next, the community will continue to work with the collective birthday meeting, the story of ‘Life’ ‘Tribute Base’.

"Community Secretary Wu Pei said that the community will take the party’s hundred years as an opportunity to further enhance the standardization and diversification of party history education, practice the purpose of actual action to serve the people, and let the party members spread to every corner of Guzhu.

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