The venue is running smoothly and warmth is warm (going to Winter Olympics)

The venue is running smoothly and warmth is warm (going to Winter Olympics)

  On October 30, 2021 round chair ice capping was successfully ended in the "Ice Cube". The Chinese team and the Swedish battle 9 games, eventually won 5:3 with the perfect bournery of the captain Wang Haitao, the Chinese team’s second time in the world’s gold medals. In this World Championship, there are 12 teams to participate, and the Chinese team ranked first in the large circle.

The semi-finals, the Chinese team defeated the US team at 8:5, and promoted the final with the Swedish team.

In the final, the Chinese team sent a new and old combination of lineup, the four-speed Wang Haitao and the three-way Chen Jianxin were the main players when the Winter Paralympics of Pingchang, Yan Zhuoxheng and Sun Yulong played the first base, two bases.

"I didn’t participate in the international competition for a long time, I hope to run through this World Championship.

"China wheelchair ice" head coach Yue Qing refangted. After the first eight games, the two sides became 3:3, and the competition was dragged into the game.

The key ninth game, the four-speed Wang Haitao played the ultra-high difficult attack in the last throw, and the Chinese team boarded the highest podium.

This gold medal also added a confidence in the Chinese team.

"The last game has a high exercise value for the players, whether the technical level is still a psychological level, this is my most important.

Several games, we have further understood our opponents, and found that our team members have insufficient in terms of technical scrap.

Next, we will train more hard to achieve good results at the Winter Disabled Association.

"Yue Qing said.

  The event is the only World Championship in the "Meeting Beijing" Winter Olympics, and the wheelchair curling is also the only winter disabled. Providing a thoughtful service guarantee for the disabled athletes, is an important task that the venue is running team and the owner of the owners.

  Barborn ramp, container dressing room design, considering thoughtful, called "template engineering"; widening detection door, the low service desk allows athletes to feel warm. In addition, the accommodation guarantees also fully reflect the intimate owner of the host, and personalized meals for people with demand.

Two beds are equipped with two beds, electric heating and toilet mat, also passed on the washing machine and dryer. "The staff is very professional and intimate, which allows us to put in the game with the best state." Canadian team members Ia Fearst said.

  From the Beijing Olympic Games, "Water Cube" to the Beijing Winter Olympics, the "Ice Cube" of the Beijing Winter Olympics, this event is the first international competition that is ushered in the transition of the venue, the hardware facilities, system operation A comprehensive inspection. Yang Qiyong, deputy director of the venue running team, said that the venue has conducted 3 complete "water ice conversion", the ice is in line with the Winter Olympics, the Winter Disabled Olympics standard, team cooperation is also more smooth.

  "Athlete locker room is very comprehensive, considering very thoughtful, all epidemic prevention measures are also in place, which makes me confident in the success of the Beijing Winter Olympics." Kate Kate, Chairman of the World Curling Federation Praise.

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