Shenzhen Financial 5 million yuan support science

Shenzhen Financial 5 million yuan support science

  (Original title) City Finance 5 million yuan to support the science 2021 Shenzhen Science project began to declare recently, the website of the Municipal Science and Technology Association released the "Notice of Shenzhen Science and Technology Association on Release 2021" Science Project "Declaration Guide", facing the declaration Conditions, enterprises and institutions, social organizations such as implementation capabilities, etc. This project collection aims to guide and support social forces to build science care, and promote the healthy development of our city’s science. According to reports, 2021 "Science Project" has a project-based project with science book creation, Shenzhen Science Millual activities, with a total amount of 5 million yuan. Among them, "Shenzhen Science Activity Index System Development" and "Using Broadcasting Science Propaganda Project" facing Shenzhen, extroverted projects. This project collection is based on the relevant provisions of the Shenzhen Science and Technology Association of Science and Technology Association (Trial) ", adopted" Performance Appraisal System "or" Budget Review System ", according to the publicly collected, expert review, online publicity And other programs, choose a certain number of projects, and implement them in batches and support. The declaration deadline is 17:00 on April 20, 2021. (Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Wen Kun).

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