Zhang Pengjun: Although I am red and swollen, I have seen clear

Zhang Pengjun: Although I am red and swollen, I have seen clear

  ▲ Zhang Pengjun was interviewing nurse.

  This time is also the first time, a reporter entered the new coronal pneumoniatric recruitment. The topic "CCTV reporter went deep into Wuhan Hospital to interview" Mount Weibo Hot Search, the reading volume is close to 40 million. "

The total station reporter took the lead in visiting the quarantine area broadcast in the Multi-file column of CCTV News Channel and was forwarded by the whole network. "Oriental Time and Space" specializes in broadcasting with me.

In this live broadcast of the reporter’s memory, I use two words and three colors to express my feelings: two words are confident, three colors are red, white, black. This news is slightly different from our previous news, no sentence words, we are only faithfully recorded. This film is not a person’s person’s close-up, but a lot of people talking, it is a climbing expression.

All of these people do the same meaning, that is our name – "confidence".

In fact, before I came into the isolation zone, I didn’t have bottom, but after I got, I found that all people brought me, two words: confidence! Talking about feelings, I want to express: red, white and black.

  The first color is red.

I’m being called "Red District" in Wuhan.

Red has a warning meaning that after this area, the virus is everywhere, danger is around. When I stepped into the isolation zone, I was reminding yourself, this is "Red District", be careful. However, when passing by the first ward, I feel that I have changed, because I heard a laughter.

The laugh comes from the first ward, and there are three patients in this. They have improved after treatment, and they have friendships, so they often joked together. At this time, the doctor said: "You see, the guy is particularly young, 37 years old, I am really afraid that he is so young!" At the time, I heard this sentence, I want to be a doctor benevolent? Maybe just a simple sentence! At this time, I suddenly felt that the red area is not only a warning meaning; the sun is also red, the red is warm, it also means warm and hope! The second color, I want to say white.

In the isolation zone, it is not that everyone laughs, just like a patient we record, he has been transferred to the intensive care room, and the doctor is undergoing a notice of danger. The doctor picked up his chest and said: "You see, the sides of his lungs are white, the more the white means the area of ??infection is larger.

"This is my first time to generate fear; but when I will take a few steps, I see a lot of doctors who have grown on white – they gathered, they run, they are rescue life.

This white people are safe.

This white is white with white angel. There is also a color black. When I interviewed the nurse Zhu Haixiu, she looked up, I saw her dark circles through goggles, I asked her "Tired?" high pressure. She also said that when she came to Wuhan, she did not tell her family because she felt as a medical staff, saving people is responsibility, there is no reason to shirk at this time. She was born in 1997 and even said she is still a child.

Her psychological pressure, I can experience it, and I will respect it. The black eye circle of the nurse is black, and it is also black before dawn.

But this black is given to the black – dawn of the dawn. This digital reporter observed the formation of hotspots again and was praised by the Chinese media university experts and scholars.

In the next day, I interviewed almost every day.

On February 18th, I had a fever symptom with a doctor who took it and an interview was forced to interrupt.

I also accepted the inspection as a close contact.

That day, I even moved the idea of ??writing a suicide.

Very lucky, after inspection, my interview object is just a general cold. And my inspection results also show that they have not been infected. However, after experiencing the virus, I understand that everyone will be afraid, because our hearts are worried.

I have a "concern", but also specialize in newsletter, interviewed patients and medical staff in the isolation ward.

When their concerns are clipped, I see that everyone behind everyone is not easy, but they have chosen strongly, choose dedication.

This concern is a strong reason for patients. For medical staff, there are more domestic people behind the concerns.

I asked them, why must I come to Wuhan? They have two keywords to my answer, one is "national needs", and one is "I am a party member."

It is also this film that triggered netizens resonating the emotional resonance of "one party has difficult Eight-Party Support" and "Shekate for everyone".

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