The 3rd China Russian Network Media Forum and the 70th anniversary of the 70th anniversary of China and Russia, the new media exchange activities were held in Wuxi

The 3rd China Russian Network Media Forum and the 70th anniversary of the 70th anniversary of China and Russia, the new media exchange activities were held in Wuxi

  Recently, the "New Times · New Starting Point" Theme "The 70th Anniversary of the 3rd Sino – Russian Network Media Forum and the 70th Anniversary of China" was held in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Yang Xiaowei, deputy director of China National Internet Information Office, Digital Development, Communication and Vice Minister of Communication and Volkswagen Communications, Vice Minister of Communication and Volkswagen Communication, President Zhou Zhuchun, Socialheader, China Daily Society, and Chief Editor’s President of the National Committee of the Chinese Journalism association, and chief editor-in-chief Mali, deputy director of the Chairman of the China Internet Development Foundation, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress, Li Xiaomin, secretary of the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. This event aims to implement the "People’s Republic of China and Russian Federation on the Development of New Era", the Joint Statement of the New Times of the Russian Federation of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation of the Russian Federation, "Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the 70th Anniversary of China and Russia.

  Yang Xiaowei said in a speech that this year is the 70th anniversary of China and Russia, and the exchange of communication cooperation between the network media has been actively progress in recent years.

Standing in the history of the Sino-Russian relationship, the network media cooperation in the two countries is broad, and it can be. Yang Xiaowei put forward five suggestions on the two countries’ network media to strengthen exchanges: First, the media mission is to undertake the Chinese and Russian friendship stories in the new era, condense the powerful strength of the relationship between the two countries.

The second is to seize the opportunities of the times and help build a new order of global dissemination, and jointly promote the development of global communication order to more open, inclusive, and fair. The third is to persist in innovation and provide more rich multi-diversity network cultural products, promote cultural and cultural, and the people are talking.

The fourth is to build a mechanism platform, expand the depth and breadth of network media exchange cooperation, and establish a sound mechanism of the staff’s normalization dialogue.

The fifth is the unity and work together to promote the global Internet governance system change, contribute to the construction of the network space fate community. Warlin, deputy director of the Russian Federation, Communication and Volkswagen Communications Department, said that media exchanges are an important composition of Sino-Russian communication. In recent years, the digital exchanges in the two countries have been significantly exchanged, and the results are expanded from traditional media to network media, local communication, The exchange between youth.

The Internet has brought more opportunities and possibilities to network media. The two parties have huge potential, and the network media in the two countries must work hard to use new communication technologies to provide better news content and products for both people and global audiences. Mali, the chairman of the China Internet Development Foundation, said that I am very honored to invite the guests between China and Russia to gather together to discuss more, balanced world media order and the construction of international communication patterns, and jointly promote China and Russia relations.

Currently, media development and cooperation face unprecedented major challenges and opportunities, to make public welfare more brilliant blooms through the power of communication. In the future, China Internet Development Foundation will continue to play a role in our own public welfare organizations, build a large data, Internet, artificial intelligence and media industry’s depth integration platform, to promote the contribution of Sino-Russian Youth Exchange and Media Cooperation.

  During the forum, from the Sino-Russian relevant government departments, mainstream network media, Netcom business representatives and experts scholars on a series of topics such as Sino-Russian media cooperation, industrial development, innovation dissemination, and promote Sino-Russian network media cooperation reaches "Wuxi Consensus" (hereinafter referred to as "consensus").

"Consensus" is clear that the Sino-Russian network media should effectively implement the important consensus of the heads of state, and promote the promotion and upgrading of China and Russia network media cooperation.

Improve the exchange mechanism, carry out all-round, multi-form cooperation, active innovation and development, promote the construction of new order in the world, and bear the responsibility of cyberspace governance, and jointly build online space fate communities, create new media exchange brands, let Sino-Russian good neighbors The friendly generations have passed down to create a bright future of the two countries.

  As an important part of the 2019 Sino-Russian Network Media Forum, in the "2019 Sino-Russian Youth New Media Exchange Camp" event, the teachers and college students from China and Russia participated in exchange training, and founded The brigade and thought "collision" have been taken out of fruit.

On the day of the event, the series of excellent results of Sino-Russian Youth New Media Exchange Camp were reviewed in the way, and held a award ceremony. This event is organized by China National Internet Information Office, the Russian Federation Digital Development, Communication and Mass Media Department, China Daily, China Internet Development Foundation, Jiangsu Internet Information Office, China Daily Network, Wuxi High-tech Zone Management Committee and Wuxi Internet Information Office hosted.

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