Shanghai Bank Green Financial Brand officially released

Shanghai Bank Green Financial Brand officially released

"’Green Tree Silver’ Green Financial Brands Carrying our expectations of ‘Green Tree Board’, passing on the Shanghai Bank’s thick green corporate culture, watering green finance tree, is determined by green transformation." Zhu Jian, a group of Shanghai Bank, said at the press conference. According to reports, specifically, the bank will strengthen green operation, green behavior, green procurement, green value four-wheel drive, and take the lead in exploring the establishment of carbon emission reduction accounting system and tools, establish "double carbon" closed-loop management work system, build carbon footprint The carbon points platform, and established its own operational level 2025 carbon Dapi, 2030 carbon neutrics, and launched its own green low-carbon development for the banking industry. Zhu Jian also revealed in the press conference that Shanghai Bank will apply for the first batch of pilots in Shanghai financial institutions, and make more contributions to Shanghai Construction Green International Finance Hub. "Green Huiwan", "Green Unitedity", "Green Global", "Green Life", a series of "green quantity" products and services, there is a new upgrade of Shanghai Bank’s new upgrade "Green Financial Action Plan "middle.

"We will use the four major professional capabilities of mechanism, policy system, risk management, and financial science and technology." Zhu Jian introduced, "Zhu Jian, By the end of 2021, the Shanghai Bank’s green credit size and the number of green credit customers will break through 100%; at the end of 2023, the green financial investment and financing scale breaks through 100 billion yuan.

At this conference, Shanghai Bank’s green finance "friends circle" further expanded.

"This year, we continue to pursue sustainable development, to carry out green finance next step, and participate in double carbon work laid a better strength and foundation.

"Jin Yu, chairman of Shanghai Bank, said according to Jin Wei, November 5 years ago, Shanghai Bank achieved the first public listing. In the past 5 years, the total assets of the bank have increased by 50% to trillion, and the per capita profit will live in the industry.

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