The sand field "Walking"! The 81st group army a trip a bicycle tactical drill opened the battle

The sand field "Walking"! The 81st group army a trip a bicycle tactical drill opened the battle

Sandy "Walking Single" – The 81st Group 81 Acropolitan Cycling Tactics Executive ■ Zhang Xiaolin Wang Song battle car roared, smoke rolling.

Not long ago, a bicycle tactical drill of a bicycle of the 81st Group 81, opened a battle in a field comprehensive training field.

"Get a board!" With the first of the car, the tank of the Tank of the Tank of the Journey quickly entered the respective battle position, and a new main battle tank quickly pocked the goal.

"I found a ‘enemy’ fire point, and I found a ‘enemy’ step car!" Go to the real-fire shooting area, the captain Li Kun tightly observed the mirror, and real-time notified the "enemy" of randomly.

The cannon led Liu Menghua decisively switched the breeds, and the driver Li Xiao was closely fit, completed the tracking shooting of the target of sports armor.

In the roar, the target area is four, the target should fall.

"Implementing fire-fighting against multiple different nature targets in a short time, a test of the synergy of the vehicle group." The Journey of the Journey Ying Ying Ying Chang Hao Lifei introduced that the drill set a variety of random goals. Target nature, distance, hitting method, damage effect, etc. need to be judged by the vehicle group. "The enemy ‘anti-armor fire strike, the left front track board breaks, immediately organizes the equipment repair." The shooting task has just ended, the new special feelings come one after another. Three occupants were first repaired in accordance with the pre-collaboration program. Not much time, the car team successfully replaced the track board, the drill continued.

The brother equipment instructor Lu Dong introduced: "The fault in actual combat is a common phenomenon. In this way, the assessment is organized, and it can effectively inspect the emergency ability of the caching battlefield." At the reappeal, a synthetic battalist Lu Zizhou is holding thick thick An analysis map, review analysis on the drill.

He introduced that the analysis map fully recorded the performance of the personnel and car groups, and it can be visually reflected in the overall situation of the drill.

With this data, they can more accurately grasp the number of training bases, find the short board, and regulate the training process. "This bicycle tactical drill focuses on the actual demand, and the short slave weakens in the troops currently trained." The leaders of the tour guide, the drill results show that the main battle equipment bicycle group synergy, emergency response Capacity, etc. have greatly improved.

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