Xu Mining Group Party Committee: Doing a "four big things" to let employees enjoy "four hearts" care

Xu Mining Group Party Committee: Doing a "four big things" to let employees enjoy "four hearts" care

Since the development of party history, the party committee of Xu Mine Group has firmly established the development idea of ??employees, and the people’s liveliologies, solve the problem of people’s lives, and the well-being of the people. A big event, let employees enjoy "four hearts" care. Do a good job of "development", deck "rice bowl" is more assured.

Always put "Let all Xu Mine people can live a good day" as the mission pursuit, put "not a worker to laid off" as a solemn commitment, try to promote the high-quality development of the company, and put the employee’s "rice bowl" The firm is in your hands.

Focus on building a national transition model, national management benchmark, national reform demonstration, implementation management and upgrading, industrial multiplication, Kongchuang lead, gram attack, dream sprint, development of energy storage, safety escort, communication, people’s livelihood, bacon Waiting for the "Ten Action", firm "one bidding" total path, promote the total layout of "six major bases", build a new pattern of "four chain coordinates", strengthen the "scientific capital" double drive.

Focus on the development strategy of "double carbon", actively develop new energy fields, 16 photovoltaic new energy projects, and the construction of millions of kilowatt unit projects in Jiyang Port Power Plant. Do a good job of "safety", build "defense" more peace of mind.

Always put the health of employees in the first place, stick to the safety bottom line, red line, lifeline, and textured solid "protective net", so that employees work more peace of mind. As a key people’s livestorm, the safety and health care is implemented, carrying out the "100-day security" activities, improve the "consciousness + responsibility + standardization" safety management system, and formulate the issuance of "Safety Management System Construction" to enhance the safety awareness of all staff. , Compaction all staff safety responsibilities, improve safety standard system, and comprehensively improve the level of safety production governance system and governance ability.

Increase security fund investment, safe input within the year is not less than 500 million yuan, and billion is mentioned.

Vigorously implement science and technology security, the next Zhang Double Building coal mine took the lead in building the first intelligent work surface of Jiangsu Province, the automatic rate reached more than 96%, the first batch of intelligent demonstration coal mines in the country, through the impact of the Jiangsu Coal Industry Association Mine acceptance, realizing centralized control of mine washing production systems. Do a good job "home", warm "people’s livelihood" is more intimate. Vigorously promoted the "home" cultural construction of "Hundred Years Xu Mine, Industry Home", focusing on building a red home, struggle home, happiness home, and build "home" cultural construction "Xu Mine sample". Closely combined "’two in the two and’ build new work, ‘three belts three is’ as a pioneer" action, cohance family, thick home, Hui family, steady position, income income, pending, and in-depth promotion "I Exotic "practice activities, 457 real projects have reached 79%, and the government’s per capita income increased by 10% year-on-year.

Taking the "Visiting Transfer" activity as a starting, focusing on the employee "Rapidity", a total of 770,000 yuan for 477 difficult employees, helping the difficult workers’ family members have met a dream. Since this year, there have been more than 6,000 people in the difficult workers since this year, and the condolence is about 10 million yuan.

The subordinates of Qinyuan Coal Industry Co., Ltd. converts the identity of 277 peasant contracts, pays housing provident fund, and puts the employees to do good practices. Do a good job of "talent", ignite "engine" is more useful. Vigorously implemented the "three talents" working methods of "everyone is talents, everyone can become talented, everyone to show their talents", choose excellence, breeding, use good seedlings.

In-depth promotion of the construction of the "six talents" of the main industry, and vigorously implement the "5111" "5145" talent training project, implement the secretary of the grassroots party organization, the assistant system of the general manager, and carry out the school’s cadres grassroots, provide young cadres Exercise platform.

It is issued "188", promoting the "top ten projects", breaking through identity, academic qualifications, and title limit, 100 first-line excellent young industrial workers to manage post. Organize excellent talents to Xinjiang, Shaanxi Gans, Northeast, Inner Mongolia and other lines, training exercise in the urban and difficult task, in order to promote high-quality development in the country, providing strong talent support and intellectual support in the forefront of the country.

(Contributed: Xu Mining Group Party Committee Party History Learning Education).

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