Used car dealer to change the odometer was sentenced to "a compensable back three"

Used car dealer to change the odometer was sentenced to "a compensable back three"

  With the hot hand car trading, a large number of second-hand car trading fraud cases enter the judicial process. Beijing Intermediate People’s Court on the trial of a typical case, to remind consumers how to avoid second-hand car trading minefield. A song purchased a used car by an old motor vehicle brokers, vehicle kilometers traveled delivery contract for the million.

After purchase, a song commissioned to assess the number of companies involved in vehicle kilometers traveled were identified, the results show: The car odometer has been altered; currently the actual number of kilometers to be 22 million or more.

Qu pay a test fee of 5,000 yuan. After that, the song of a fraudulent claim sued to terminate the contract, return the car models of the old motor vehicle brokerage firm, for three times the compensation and pay appraisal fees. The brokerage firm believes that after the vehicle involved in the acquisition of third-party organization, the inspection report is a table showing significant mileage million kilometers, which is the basis of the detected data to a song sell vehicles, there is no intentional fraud.

  Court after hearing that the used car mileage will directly affect consumers’ purchase choices, should belong to the scope of the consumer’s right to know. As a professional defendant used car sales company should be carefully identified and truthfully inform consumers.

Vehicle certification report issued by the testing company stated in the table significant vehicle mileage of kilometers, but the report was not clear odometer reading as a judgment based on the actual mileage of the vehicle to be certified in.

As a professional business person accused of fraudulent intent. The court held that both the lifting of the sale, the old motor vehicle brokers refund of car models, car models of compensation three times the compensation and pay the vehicle inspection fee of 5,000 yuan.

  The judge suggested that motor dealer unauthorized tampering with digital mileage meter or conceal the true mileage of reported acts of lies, they were all deliberately false information to inform, entice consumers to make a wrong intention, depending on the circumstances may constitute fraud. If the existence of fraud, according to "Consumer Protection Law", the car operators should bear the legal responsibility for a compensable back three.

If the problem is discovered after consumers purchase, we should assess the company through a special vehicle detection, timely collection of evidence, claiming rights to the court.

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