Zhu Jianguo hosted the convening of key project scheduling meetings

Zhu Jianguo hosted the convening of key project scheduling meetings

On October 14, Zhu Jianguo, a member of the Party Group of the Municipal Government, and the deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee of the New District, Zhu Jianguo, presided over the key project scheduling meeting of the new district, and studied the relevant work of the new district key project land approval and collection. Since this year, the new district has strengthened organizational leadership, compacted the responsibilities of all parties, paying close attention to work, and fully promoted the land approval of key projects. As of now, the police college has all completed, 95% of land collection is completed; ABC, CCB data center land approval completed land acquisition announcement, 80% of land collection, and the remaining 19 key projects have also achieved phased results.

The meeting emphasized that the current land approval, the collection work has entered the border period, the key period, the departments should continue to increase their strength, step up the work, accelerate the progress, and lay the final attack.

The meeting requires that the relevant departments of the new district and the Xinxian County will further form a working synergy, tight time nodes, grasp the work requirements, comprehensively analyze the land collection, and the pain points, precision Shi Shi, concentrated, Ensure that the new district key project will start construction of the production as soon as possible. Nannan, Wang Baiping, and New District, deputy director of the management committee, and the relevant departments of Lin County participated in the meeting. (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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