Why can’t you eat sweet?

Why can’t you eat sweet?

When the child coughs, the Chinese medicine doctor will tell the parents after the consultation, the child does not eat sweets, including desserts, soft drinks, candies, ice cream, cakes, etc., or even some sweet fruits, why? The deputy director of the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, deputy director of Liao Yongzhou today comes to readers.

Reason 1: High sugar will stimulate throat.

Sweets contain too high, too high sugar, stimulates our throat to produce discomfort, stimulating cough, will affect child eating, sleep and activities. Cause 2: sweets are not conducive to sputum.

Cough is often accompanied by sputum, spleen is the source of sputum. The sweetness can easily hike the spleen and stomach, so that the function of the spleen and stomach is affected, then the water and humidity are condensed into the sputum, and the sputum is gathered in the lungs. Case, the child, which may have sputum, asphyxia, which may appear in children with poor coughing ability. Know how many D: Some cough medicine why do you drink more cough? The above two points have also explained why some children have cough after taking some coughing phlegm, because children have difficulties in children, in order to improve taste, patients with coughing phlegm often exist in syrup.

Therefore, during coughing, we recommend that diet should be light, eat less or don’t eat sweets, which is great for children’s cough. (Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Hui correspondent Jiang beauty Ouyang confirmed).

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