This group of college students bloom youth on black land

This group of college students bloom youth on black land

  Xinhua News Agency, August 4th, August 4th: This group of college students bloom youth Xinhua News Agency, the new Xinhua News Agency, Ding Mei, Zong Wei, Xue Qinfeng in the national grain county – Jilin Province Po Tam County, which village’s corn The villagers in the second group of Sanshu Village in the four Township Township are very angry. Since the establishment of a "Science and Technology Cloth", a batch of agricultural universities came here from Beijing, they were in scientific research, and they also teach them, the yield of corn in the village is getting higher and higher, but the amount of fertilizer is used Leader. Into the "Science and Technology Clothing" that is not large, the person in charge of Shaye and the teacher are busy in the hospital. Some observe the geotextment of seedlings, some in the ground sorting test with corn stalks. Shaye said: "General Secretary Xi Jinping ‘is an important speech that the future is a young man, hoping to send youth.

For young college students who learn agriculture, they have firmly determined the soil and write the ideals of the papers in the land. "Shaye is a doctoral student of the College of Environmental and Resources, China Agricultural University. It has come to this black land. In 2009, China Agricultural University, Jilin Agricultural University and Po Tam County established a" Science and Technology Cloth ", The test and promotion of black land protection farming technology is carried out. Since its inception, more than 60 graduate students have taken roots in China Agricultural University, and the length is five or six years. When the value is in August, it is Northeast corn. Turning, pollination, Shaty and brothers and sisters are also struggling to be tested. This help "90" students often drive into corn, record straw growth, observe the root length, and a busy is one day. To the small court, it is necessary to analyze the samples from the fields. "From April, you will receive the autumn in October, we have grown with corn. Ke Lihua said.

The second grade of the master’s second grade Ke Lihua is Jiangxi Yinzhou people. Two years of "root" made her gradually adapt to the climate in Northeast.

In addition to "bubble" every day, "bubble" is observed in corn, but also buy dishes to cook. "In black land, research is more hard than the school life, but exercise and harvest are also bigger.

Ke Lihua said.

  At first, many villagers did not trust this group of college students. I don’t believe that less fertilizers can still do not reduce the production, but also jokes them "so clean the corn roots." Through scientific analysis of soil nutrition information, they helped villagers to formulate fertilizer reduction programs to promote protective farming technology.

When the autumn is harvested, the amount of fertilizer in the ground is reduced by 20%, and the yield of corn is not reduced.

When I went, I tasted the villager of scientific farming, and the attitude of this group of college students was also transformed every day.

  Today, "Science and Technology Clothing" and many local cooperatives, large grain farmers, helping farmers to solve problems, and promote new technologies around black land protection. "These students help to install satellite positioning system to the tractor of the cooperative, and also help the food market to transfer new fertilizers and bacteria, and guide us how to use black land in protection, and the effect is very good.

Lu Wei, the head of the Luxewei Agricultural Machiner Professional Cooperatives, Pear Tree County, said. "General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that it must take effective measures to protect the giant panda in the black land ‘, which is more firm, which is more firm. The land and the confidence of black land also clarified their future development direction and career choices.

"Shawe said. Shawe’s pear tree in these years, the protective farming technology of research and trials, solved a number of problems such as protective farming straw treatment, and the technology has been widely promoted. Today, they participate The trial of black land protection farming technology has covered 80% of the farmland of Pear Tree County.

  This group of young college students have never seen the cornfield to the crowded corn research problem, never trust in peasants to become a piece of peasants, they bloom in the protection of "the giant panda in cultivated land". "Science and Technology Cloth" sent a batch of college students and witnessed a promotion application of research results. What made this group of youth is that in order to protect the "Giant Panda in Cultivated Land", a series of documents such as "Northeast Black Land Protection Plan (2017-2030)" have been introduced in recent years. Black land protection is a long-term adhered process. It is necessary for researchers to take rural one-line test, promote good technology, and need more young college students to write the paper on the earth. At the end of 2018, Shaty became a communist party member.

He said that as a student party member, the more the environment is difficult, the more it takes to take the lead in protecting the black land to continue to emissive.

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