Zenren Yongzong: Bridge of the medical assist tibitating racks

Zenren Yongzong: Bridge of the medical assist tibitating racks

"The Tibetan Doctor Hand Tong Teaching to Create the ‘Withwater Medical Team’, our business that we can’t carry out now, the illness that cannot be diagnosed can now be clear, and the surgery will not be done is now successful.

At the same time, remote medical consultations and remote video teaching that will be put into use can not only improve our local medical staff, but will save human material, reduce costs, and improve work efficiency.

"Zeren Yongzong told reporters.

Zeren Yongzong said that national unity is the lifeline of all ethnic people.

The medical talent group is aid in creating a disease, sending medicine to send medication, pair in recognition, with the masses have a deep friendship, broadcasting the seeds of national unity, affecting the actual actions and driving Tibetan people to enhance the five I agree, further establish "three inseparable" ideas.

Jenren Yongzong further said that strengthening the national unity, with a big fortification of the national unity, hugging like pomegranate seeds, firmly establishing national awareness, citizen awareness, Chinese national community awareness in all ethnic groups, making each Ethnic groups, each citizen has a great effort to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, share the outcome of the prosperity of the motherland.

(Responsible: Dan Zhuo, Diezi East).

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