Xinjiang Xinjiang Temporary County: Consumer Poverty Alleviation Area to help the masses have enriched

Xinjiang Xinjiang Temporary County: Consumer Poverty Alleviation Area to help the masses have enriched

In 2020, China’s income of the poor is increasing, and the consumer poverty alleviation work is carried out in-depth investment. In the Town of Daying Pancha Village, Town, Town, China, some merchants have settled normally. At the home of the Niki District, Guanzi County, the Kasmujiang, buying, buying, buying, I have been doing fruit business, but because there is no fixed storefront, I can only push the tricycle to turn around, especially in winter, not only people are frozen. More worried about frozen fruits, can’t sell, resulting in losses. After investing in the consumption of agricultural and sideline products in the Town of Da Ying Pancun, Town, China, with the help of the community cadres, he got a booth and has a stable source.

There are a total of 32 booths in the consumption poverty alleviation zone of Daying Pancun, Town, China, and the price of 5,000 yuan per year. There are currently 20 booths have been leased. There are many tourists from Northern Northern Northern, now Kasmujiang · Buy and Timming the daily income at 300-400 yuan, which also makes him full of confidence in the future life.

With the premise of doing a good job in the prevention and control of normalized epidemic, Getcomes also set up a consumer poverty alleviation area in major supermarkets.

In the US Central Square, the Mei Lianfei supermarket, the consumer poverty alleviation zone is set in the eye-catching position, consisting of 30 exhibition cabinets, which exhibits dozens of products above.

The establishment of the poverty alleviation area not only provides employment positions for difficult family surplus labor, but also provides sales channels for all kinds of agricultural and sideline products, laid the foundation.

In these two years, the integration of multi-part resources in China, increasing the intensity of consumer poverty alleviation, and creating a strong atmosphere of participating in consumption poverty alleviation, injecting strong power into the county economic development. At present, the county has identified 18 poverty alleviation products, 61 poverty alleviation products, mobilizing social forces to adopt "buying contributions", "buying generations", "labor-promoting", etc. to purchase poverty alleviation products, buy and help sales Poverty alleviation products. (Zhao Hai deer, Zhang Shoufang) (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting).

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