Zhou Wenzhu "deeply grasping the concept of new development"

Zhou Wenzhu "deeply grasping the concept of new development"

Zhou Wen Chau: The idea of ??sharing, the central government has always emphasized very prominent, that is, our reform and opening up has been achieved in more than 30 years. The central government has repeatedly emphasized that the results of reform and development will make people share, let people The masses have more feelings.

Because the people don’t care about GDP growth, I don’t care how much your financial tax has grown. His most concerned is that there is a disease. It is not enough to see. The food basket is not rich, and the child can be very good education, house conditions Can you have gradually improved. The results of reform and development must have to let the people can feel it in terms of life. In the new development concept, sharing development, putting such a thought, more prominent, and becoming an important concept of our development, the status is rising, and more embarrassing is more inspiring. Why stress the development of sharing? Because from the world, sharing development is the most ideal development state. Our development is absolutely can’t make some people feel feeling, some people feel that there is a sense of loss, even deprived, this development status is the least ideal of. Some countries in the world are now in civil strife, civil war, an important reason and this is related. Sharing development is the most ideal development state. Not only that, from our party’s purpose is to make interests of the people wholeheartedly, it is necessary to achieve good, safeguard, develop the fundamental interests of the most broad masses of the people; from our socialist countries, it is necessary to make people live a good day.

Therefore, the state of sharing development is the most ideal development state for us, which is our development goal. Sharing development is to break through poverty, narrow the income gap, to start, gradually realize public services, and finally go to common prosperity. Specifically, what we have to do now is to gradually narrow the income gap. The income will always have a gap, because we must talk about efficiency, the efficiency is gap, which means the gap, but the gap can not be too large, to be controlled within a reasonable range.

The narrowing income gap is to narrow the excessive income gap, and the averageism is never going to go back.

Second, poverty alleviation attack. We still have a seven million poor people. General Secretary Xi Jinping is very good. We can’t announce that we have entered a comprehensive well-off, and there are seven million people in the other hand without poverty.

This affects the recognition of our international community, and will affect the identity of the people to our comprehensive well-off. This is the first is the population. It is this that the first important meeting is the national poverty alleviation work meeting, and deploying poverty alleviation work.

Poverty alleviation is precisely poverty alleviation. With labor ability, we have poverty alleviation through industry, and we can relocate poverty alleviation, immigration, and poverty alleviation, and the government’s takes.

The top hat in the poverty alleviation is a historical museum, there will be no.

Poverty alleviation work is the second important initiative we implemented in sharing development. Third, public services are equal. Public services include public services for medical and health, we now use new cooperative medical care, through major illness, and add more and higher through the ratio of reimbursement.

At the same time, the medical and health system reform is carried out.

For example, recently, children’s hospitals are too few, not suitable for children’s needs, very crowded, to develop children’s hospitals, and focus on developing a general practitioner.

A further, cultural public services, the state proposes, should let the people in all regions can listen to radio, watch TV, reading, reading newspapers, appreciate public culture, participate in public cultural activities, which is our current public cultural services.

It is an important part of pension services, education, and public services. Now everyone hopes that their children don’t lose on the starting line. If you get a good quality education, you will have a good quality school, and you will choose a quality school to choose a quality school, and this demand is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more contradictions. In the year, Beijing has introduced a policy, which is no longer allowed to choose school, but in accordance with the region.

In the school district, I have been admitted to school, overcoming some of our contradictions, but new problems still exists, because education resources in various regions are not the same, the best way is to make each school a high-quality education resource, The education level is generally improved, and the public service of education will be a long-term arduous task in front of us.

In this regard, it is necessary to ventilate.

Finally, in order to achieve common prosperity, through all kinds of efforts, finally go to the common prosperity. This is the essence of socialism.

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