Strictly requiring more standards to promote new effectiveness in Dianchi protection

Strictly requiring more standards to promote new effectiveness in Dianchi protection

Original title: With higher standards, the new achievement of Dianchi Coat Protection Management has achieved new achievements on December 6, and the Standing Committee of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Kunming Municipal Party Committee, Liu Hongjian, resulted in the team to investigate the treatment of governance.

He emphasized that all departments at all levels in the city should study and implement the spirit of Xi Jinping’s Ecological Civilization Thoughts and Xi Jinping’s General Secretary to investigate the importance of Yunnan’s important speech. The standard is more stringent to promote the new achievements of Dianchi protection governance. Liu Hongjian first came to the wetlands of Xinghai Peninsula, and founded the Water Quality of Pan Longjiang to enter the water quality of the Lake, and investigated the wetland of the ring pool, and the construction of Dianchi green road. Liu Hongjian emphasized that the general secretary of the Top Secretary to investigate the spirit of Yunnan, in accordance with the concept of lake in Lake Lake Lake, strengthen comprehensive management, system management, source governance, strictly implement the long system of the river (lake), and put Dianchi Protective management work is better and more deeper.

It is necessary to resolutely implement the important instructions for the important instructions of the General Secretary of Dianchi, and completely do a satisfactory answer to the Party Central Committee and the People’s Central Committee and the People’s Central Committee and the People in the Central Committee and the People in the Central Committee of the Party.

To do a better and effective initiative to do a good job in the protection of Dianchi, let the "Plateau Pearl" will play a brightening. It is necessary to promote the construction of Dianchi green road in high standards to ensure that the construction task is completed on time. In the seventh, eighth water purification plants, Liu Hongjian understands the distribution of water quality purification plants in the main urban area, the construction of interception pipe network, the ranking of tail water. In the Panlong District Golden Avenue – Beichen Avenue Rain Diversion Diversion Project, Liu Hongjian also investigated the implementation of rain-saving shunting. He emphasized that in accordance with the deployment of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, combined with the urban update and transformation, improve the interception pipe network, and promote the implementation of rain and pollution, and focus on the contamination load of Lake River Road and Dianchi.

We must scientifically lay the main city water quality purification plant, speed up the transformation of tail water, strengthen operation scheduling, and improve sewage treatment.

It is necessary to grasp the remediation of the Lake River and pay attention to maintaining the ecological function of the river, and create the ecological landscape belt of "water clear, shore green, river, and beauty". Liu Hongjian also went to the Songhua Dam Reservoir Dam, and founded in the ground to understand the city water supply and rural drinking water safety work and water source protection. He emphasized that we must focus on the future development needs, focus on long-term, system planning, comprehensive policy, and efforts to solve seasonal, engineering water shortage, and continue to enhance urban water supply security capacity, provide sufficient water supply for Kunming’s sustainable development.

It is necessary to strengthen the protection of water source area, do everything possible to protect and improve the lives of the water source area, and guide them to jointly protect the water, protect the beautiful homes. Liu Shenshou, Sun Jie, Liu Yonglu, Zhao Xueong participated in the investigation.

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