Too convenient! Hefei people have a medical doctor "online office" "Pocket"

Too convenient! Hefei people have a medical doctor "online office" "Pocket"

Due to the participation of the participation, it is not in the same place, and it is difficult to return to the patient to returning to the patient in different places. In recent years, the Municipal Medicine Bureau has focused on the blocked points and pain points in different sorrows. Through the reduction of certification materials, optimize filing procedures, compressing the time limit, and strictly cracking the masses in a hurry, the problem, the people, and be the people.

At the same area, I’ve been working on the Persons in the Yaohai District, and the lover worked for a long time in Guangzhou. Shortly, Mr. Meng’s lover was sick. He completed the medical record through Hefei Medical Insurance WeChat public account, and quickly completed the medical expenses settlement and reimbursement.

I didn’t understand the specific policy of Hefei medical insurance. I thought that many materials needed to prepare a lot of materials, and people still returned.

Through the online query, I know that according to the flow of the flow on the phone, it can be done in a few minutes, it is really convenient.

Mr. Meng told reporters.

In order to make the masses to make medical treatment more convenient, we have canceled the stamping of the medical place and the definition of the deputy fixed-point medical institution, simplifying the record process for the hospital directly filled, and the extensive resettlement personnel fully implemented a long-term effective policy. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, 191 hospitals in the city have been accepted from different medical medical deposits, forming the three-level settlement system of provinces, municipalities and counties. In addition, the city has also launched Hefei Medical Insurance WeChat public account, the country has a medical record small procedure, etc.

The medical insurance settlement breaks the regional restriction in the field of medical and health services. Since the trial water, since the trial of the trial, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, three provinces, one city, medical services, interconnection, medical insurance settlement, break, break the original regional limit, more Be a good life. Mr. Citizens told reporters that the child was sick from Hefei to Shanghai. He often went to the two places in these years.

In the past, in Shanghai, I need to prepare a variety of materials to the Hefei Medical Insurance Center for filing. There is a problem of funds, and the reimbursement cycle is long. Now you can complete the filing through mobile phone operation, which is much more convenient.

It is understood that Hefei medical insurance has been directly settled in realization of outpatient costs with the Yangtze River Delta region.

In the first three quarters of this year, the city’s insured personnel directly settled 17,331 people in ordinary outpatients in the Yangtze River Delta region. At the same time, the city promotes the direct settlement of the insurance card purchase medicine in the province, and all the 15 countries have achieved two-way off-site swipe card purchase. Original title: Too convenient! Hefei people can do with mobile phones! .

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