Su Bingti’s two "first" in Hong Kong

Su Bingti’s two "first" in Hong Kong

  On August 1, 2021, Su Bing Tim was celebrated after 100m semi-finals at the Australian Olympic Games.

Xinhua News Agency, Wang Lili photographed two "first" in Hong Kong in 2006, Chai Wan, City Invitational, 10 seconds 59, champion.

  For Su Bingti, which is often on the Olympic Games and World Championships, the level of the city invitation tour is not high, and 10 seconds 59 compared to now "broken ten" achievements. Just like a child always remembers yourself in this year before you have a child. "In 2006, I came to Hong Kong for the first time, representing Zhongshan City to participate in the competition, it is also an international competition.

At the time, I was 17 years old and 10 seconds 59 was very powerful at that age, and later I also participated in 200 meters and relay. Through that game, I slowly embarked on the occupational path. "I have come to Hong Kong for the first time, everything is so fresh.

It is the same as the TV on the TV.

"It turns out the same as the TV series.

It is a high-rise building everywhere, everywhere is a place where you are shopping, eat, so the impression is still very good. "In 2009, General Macao, East Asian Games, 10 seconds 33, champion.

  Three years later, Su Bingti came again to Hong Kong to participate in the competition, he was still ignorant, but he didn’t like to talk, but he had a more identity – the national team member. "That is the first time I represent the national team to participate in large-scale events, quite a smart, 2006 and 2009, my two opportunities have appeared in Hong Kong. These two games also laid a good foundation for my career.

"This time, with the delegation visited Hong Kong, Su Bingtian returned to the general Australia, he said:" In 2009, I won the East Asian Games champion in General Macao, just saw the scene, I feel very intimate. "Su Shen" praised "Su Shen" in 29 athletes of the delegation, although Su Bing Tim is not an Olympic champion, but this does not affect Hong Kong citizens to his affirmation.

  In the interview with Hong Kong citizens in these days, the reporters talk about Su Bingtian.

Su Bingti is injured and not giving up, and the spirit of challenge is not fear, let them encourage. Su Bingtian’s story has incentive to Hong Kong compatriots, Hong Kong’s short running players Su Huawei’s experience is also moving Su Bingtian.

As a disabled athlete, Su Huayuan participated in the many Olympic Games in more than 20 years of career, won six gold medals, while maintaining a number of world records. His story was removed into a movie, released in the Mainland in September this year, and Suebing Timi also recommended this movie in the social network. Su Bingtian said: "I saw the mainland and Hong Kong youth for the same belief in dreaming: not bowing to fate, excluding all difficulties, for dreams of hard work.

Su Bing Tim said: "Su Huayuan is the real ‘Su Shen’. "The two years of Su Bingtian is a bit busy, and he has extended his sports life as much as possible, while fulfilling a sacred mission – a teacher. Professor Su Nankong is famous, once said that sports is The carrier, and he is also willing to be a Bole, which is a shortage of the short run of Hong Kong. "I hope to help Hong Kong to choose more seedlings in the future, for the development of the Hong Kong sports industry Play your own point.

"He said.

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