The new development concept has long been in a magnificent mountain

The new development concept has long been in a magnificent mountain

  Qilian Mountain Governance "It is not only a concentrated graphic color in the history of my country’s ecological civilization, but also to practice Xi Jinping’s economic thinking, let the new development concept really landed a vivid sample. Coco black mine hole is brought into Qing Cui Mountain, returning farmland to rest, and raises a record of wild birds, and the development of "scenery industry" to create a high-value highland. The ecological immigration is labeled "Happiness Qilian" … In the investigation of Qilian Mountain Ecological Governance, we look In the new development concept, a development change caused by people and natural harmony, and sincerely realized that the history of "Ecological Fashion" and "The happiness of the people is the cause of the Communist Party" "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan. The deep truth of Yinshan.

  The new development concept is from the reflection on extensive growth, and it is also an improvement of development models, and the transcendence of traditional industrial civilization. Among them, green development is to solve the problem of harmony between good people and nature. Human development activities must respect nature, adapt to nature, protect nature, otherwise they will be retaliated by nature, which is a law that can no resistance. Whether it is a major environmental public hazard event in the Western industrial revolution, or the lessons from the traditional growth model in my country, give us a profound revelation: the results of extensive development, the cost is huge and unsustainable; innovation, Coordination, green, open, and shared concepts lead to action, in order to have long-awaited the magnificent mountains. Taking Qilian Mountain Governance as an example, "the most strict" accountability storm in history has brought a revolution in the city and the entire Gansu of Hexi Corridor. In the meantime, it is necessary to deeply understand the new development concept, update the development value orientation, and set up the "strong man broken wrist", and need to use governance wisdom, resolve contradictions, and resolve stubborn, share and win.

Transforming development, adjusting the industrial structure, coordinating interests, promoting mechanism innovation, optimizing the rule of law environment, strengthening law enforcement supervision, encouraging social community to participate, forming a green production method and lifestyle … seek the foundation, facilitating long-term good things, protecting nature Repair the ecological real thing, do a good thing to treat the mountain, the mountain dew, Gansu Province has provided a reference and reference for similar highlights in the Yanlian Mountain. Qilian is a certificate, green water Qingshan, the iceberg snow mountain is also Jinshan Yinshan, Gobi Rander Beach can also become a silver beach. Since the party’s 18th National Congress, Xi Jinping’s connotation is constantly developing. A series of important discussion on high-quality development, such as "Protecting the ecological environment to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the development of productivity" "" green water Qingshan is both natural wealth It is also an economic wealth "" Green Water, Qingshan, is more beautiful, and makes Jinshan Yinshan "has become a consensus and action of the whole society. There is a scientific theory guidelines before, vigorously practice, why? Strengthening high quality development, not only promoting a large number of natural capitals, but also makes good ecological environments become the growth point of people’s lives, showing the strength of our good image, let the people breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat Food in love, living in a livable environment, effectively feel the real environmental benefits of economic development. Today’s China Dasi, from the Yellow River Basin to the Yangtze River Economic Belt, from the "China Water Tower" Sanjiangyuan to "Ecological Barrier" Qinling, Qilian Mountain, the sky is blue, the mountain is greenery, the water is clearer, and the more people are constantly being present. The world is in front of the world. Based on the new development stage, the new era of high quality development will also create more development miracles, write a new chapter of the Chinese nation’s sustainable development! .

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