When learning, I’m trying to close the G20 "China Program", which is eye-catching globally.

When learning, I’m trying to close the G20 "China Program", which is eye-catching globally.

  [] October 30 and 31, the President Xi Jinping attended the 16th Summit of the Leaders of the 20th Council in Beijing in Beijing.

At the 30th meeting, Xi Jinping issued an important speech, fully elaborated China’s economic situation and global health cooperation, surrounding the global anti-vulnion, economic recovery, etc., China Program, China advocates, for epidemic economic development and global Governance indicated the direction. Xinhua News Agency "Learning" original brand column "Learning Office" launched today to interpret it. On October 30 and 31, the President Xi Jinping attended the 16th Summit of the Leaders of the 20th Council in Beijing in Beijing.

  At the 30th meeting, Xi Jinping issued an important speech, fully elaborated the Chinese program of China’s economic situation and global health cooperation, proposing Chinese programs of "unity action to create a future", globally.

  Working in the anti-videoise – constructing a global vaccine defense, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to repeat, the world economic recovery is fragile, the climate change challenges are highlighted, and the regional hot problem is frequent.

In this context, the fighter is one of the topics of the G20 summit. In the speech, Xi Jinping’s first suggestion is "unity and cooperation, work hard to resist". Since the epidemic, whether it is the leader of the countries, or attending multilateral diplomatic activities, the fight against the epidemic is a major concern that Xi Jinping has been concerned, united and cooperation is China’s first firm position.

  The summit, Xi Jinping reiterates that it is the most powerful weapon that is unique, unity and cooperation in the face of new coronal pneumonia viruses raging globally.

He emphasized that the 20th Council contains the main economies of the world, and should lead the role in the cooperation of consensus, mobilization resources and promotion. In the face of viral lack, traceability of politically, Xi Jinping emphasizes that the international community should work together to deal with and defeat the epidemic in scientific attitude. In the face of the uneven dispensing of global vaccine, Xi Jinping proposed a 6-point initiative for global vaccine cooperation: strengthen vaccine research cooperation, support vaccine enterprises jointly develop and produce in developing countries; adhere to fairness and fairness, and increased to develop countries with vaccination Implement the 2022 global vaccination targets proposed by the World Health Organization; support the World Trade Organization to make decisions on vaccine intellectual property exemptions, encourage vaccine companies to transfer technology to developing countries; strengthen cross-border trade cooperation, protect vaccines and raw materials trade universities; Various vaccines fairly, based on the promotion of vaccines, which can be promoted in accordance with the promotion of vaccines, especially developing countries, especially developing countries, especially developing countries.

  As early as in the early days of the epidemic, Xi Jinping proposed that new crown vaccines should be a global public product.

In November 2020, Xi Jinping pointed out at the first phase of the 15th Summit of the Leaders of the 20th Council, and China will continue to actively support and participate in the vaccine international cooperation, and strive to make the vaccine have become the people of all countries. public product. The G20 summit, Xi Jinping once again emphasized that China is willing to work together to improve the availability and aggressiveness of vaccines in developing countries, and make a positive contribution to building a global vaccine defense.

  5 o’clock – Promoting the construction of the Group’s members of the Group’s 20th Countries Covenant, representative, including major developed economies and emerging market economies, play a pivotal role in global affairs.

As the main platform for international economic cooperation, the world urgently requires the 20th Country Group to play a coordination role of macroeconomic policies and promote the recovery of the world economy. In the speech, Xi Jinping emphasized that in the face of the world’s 100-year universal change, the 20th group should have a responsibility, for the future, the people’s well-being, adhere to open inclusive, cooperation, and practice real multilateral Missing, promoting the construction of human fate communies. He proposed 5 points: First, unity and cooperation, work with anti-. Second, strengthen coordination and promote recovery. Third, Pu Hui kettleration, common development. Fourth, innovation drive, excavate the driving force.

  Fifth, harmonious symbiosis, green continues. 5 points suggestion, the signal is very clear: building an open world economy, adhering to true multilateralism, adheres to the principle of universal kettleration.

  In response to the epidemic, a multi-crisis brought about by global, especially developing countries, and Xi Jinping pointed out that we should adhere to the people-oriented, effectiveness, inclusiveness, and efforts, and efforts to do not let any country will fall.

  Based on the deep grasp of the trend and development law, Xi Jinping advocates the growth of the 20th Country Group to take advantage of the potential of innovation growth, and appeals to all countries to join hands to walk green, low carbon, sustainable development.

  On the eve of the summit, Xi Jinping emphasized at the 50th anniversary meeting of the People’s Republic of China to restore the legal seats. China is willing to adhere to all countries to build a sharing concept, promote the common value of all humanity, practice real multilateralism, stand in history. On the other side, standing on the side of human progress, in order to achieve the world’s sustainable peace, in order to promote the construction of human fate communies.

On October 31, Xi Jinping continued to attend the 16th Summit of the Leaders of the Group’s leaders in a video manner, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic was once again shown, and the fate of various countries was connected, and the interests were integrated. It is not enough to bring more new opportunities for countries, "knowing the first, take pragmatic movement. Commitment is one thousand, it is better to implement one.

"In September 2016, Xi Jinping pointed out in the Hangzhou Summit of the 20th Council, and we should let the 20th National Group becomes an action team, rather than a Talk.

At this summit, he once again emphasized that building a human fate community requires unremitting efforts in the world. Xi Jinping quoted "Rome is not a day" ", emphasizing the importance of" line ": the road block and long, the rules will arrive, the line will not be passed, the future is available.

  In the critical juncture of human beings, in the key intersection of the world development, China is brave enough to say: At present, China has provided more than 1.6 billion vaccines to more than 100 countries and international organizations, this year will provide More than 2 billion doses.

China is using 16 countries to carry out vaccine joint production, initially forming an annual production capacity of 70 million doses.

  China has been actively committing international responsibility in accordance with national conditions, actively promoting economic green transformation, constantly improving the ability to respond to climate change, and has eliminated hundreds of milliwa coal power in the past 10 years, the first batch of about 100 million large wind power Base projects have been started in the near future. In the past 15 years, China’s carbon emission intensity has exceeded 2020 Gallery targets.

China will release key areas and industry carbon peak implementation programs and support measures to construct carbon Dhane, carbon and "1 + N" policy system.

  …… Bottom drip, piece pile pile, China put the responsibility on the shoulder, implement the commitment to the action, promote the world’s common development, and win-win.

  "Honesty, the knot of the world is also." The summit, Xi Jinping emphasized that China’s development will bring more new opportunities to countries, injecting more new kinetic energy for the world economy. He pointed out that China will adhere to the basic national policy of opening up, play a large-scale market advantage and domestic demand potential, focus on promoting rules, regulations, management, standards and other institutional openings, continuously increase intellectual property protection, continuous development, and rule The international creative business environment provides fair and fair market order for Chinese and foreign companies.

  "Let us unite, disconnect the epidemic, haze, and join hands to build a better future!" Summit, Xi Jinping once again declared China and the world to join hands to join hands and build a better future determination and sincerity.

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