Whenever struggle after poverty

Whenever struggle after poverty

  Proactively apply for poverty, increase family income, actively participate in work … In recent years, in the help of the poverty alleviation policy, Qinghai Golmud City Guolu de Town City North Village 34 household files set out the haze of life, ushered in the dawn After leaving the poverteration, through our own efforts, realize the wonderful and happiness of life.

  The 53-year-old Li has a flower to die 15 years ago, and the old man, carrying out care of the child, all the burners are pressed against her one. Two college students have more than 10,000 yuan of tuition and living expenses for more than a year, and she can’t solve practical problems. In 2015, the Chengbei Village, the Poverty Alleviation Working Group passed the accurate identification, and she included her in the establishment of the bicyclic household, actively coordinating the work of the ecological management care, and has a stable income every month, and the dangerous house in the family has also been transformed. He has a new, which let Li have the hope of life. In 2016, the children graduated in college, and Li had a family’s life in the family, she took the initiative to apply for a poverty plum, which became the poor of Golmud City. Poverty. I don’t want to sit and wait for help, I just want to work hard. Li Youhua said, "Now the country’s policy is good, these years have helped me to help me, and now the work of the doll is also solved. I also work hard to improve the income, and I have to cherish life, struggle." The 115 square meters of large houses are arranged in well well, color TV, computer, refrigerator, make a fortune tree, crab claws, lush onion; outside the pear tree, apricot tree, plum tree welcomes the spring breeze to spit the new bud … I took the "poor" Hat, Li Youhua’s life is bright, beautiful, and warm. In the city of Chengbei, there are a lot of typical, and Wang Yushun is also one of them. In 2015, Wang Yushun’s two daughters were admitted to the hospital because of a car accident, and the high therapeutic fee made the people in this village became poor. Medical expenses, eat wear, children go to school … Lao Wang family is struggling, and the cattle career is broken.

  Behind the establishment of the establishment of the Bacon, the North Village, the Poverty Alleviation Working Group, the help unit and the company generously, and the old one has clear the debt, and the husband and wife have a ecological management careman, one as a rural staff, with fixed income, Family stress is gradually eased.

  In 2019, Wang Yushun’s big daughter Wang Qinfu graduated.

The village committee actively coordinated, let Wang Qinfu are engaged in the pre-school education work to the nearby Xingyueyuan kindergarten. Wang Qinfu told the economic daily reporter, after graduation, after graduation, I found a job, but with the help of the poverty alleviation policy, she realized her own teacher dream, adding income for her family, you can go to school, my brother, you can don’t have to be so tired. . The children’s live work has been falling, and the old wondered also wants to focus on the old business. These two days are busy cleaning up the hospital, reorganizing the land, and preparing for the farm. From 2017, there is no family income in 2017, by 2019, a total of more than 100,000 yuan in the family, and the old "home" doubled.

  According to Li Fuwei, a team member of the Poverty Alleviation Working Group, Chengbei Village: "Since the establishment of the city of North Village, it has been carried out through 40 days of housing, discharge, survey, and determined poor households and helping the Congcuto units, and at the same time The account has been accurately poverty of poverty alleviation. By the end of 2016, the Chengbei Village realized all poverty, until now, the per capita annual income of poor households in Chengbei Village reached 20,000 yuan.

Wang Honglin, secretary of the party branch of Guolemude Town City, said that this year, this year, under the decisive battle, under the premise of the mission, the city of Chengbei Village will find the income of the people.

By carrying out "look back", the village’s establishment of the cardholder is fully explored, including 44 fixed work, and seven college students have employed, reading 4 college students, follow-up will also Employment multi-connection, more coordination. "In the precise poverty alleviation work, the housing, medical, pension has been arranged in the future, I hope that through the joint efforts of everyone, combined with its own actual, develop aquaculture, participate in work, completely put the ‘poor bag’ ‘.

Wang Honglin said.

(Ma Yuhong).

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