Wine: Ningxia Dialogue World Language World Perceive Ningxia Tie

Wine: Ningxia Dialogue World Language World Perceive Ningxia Tie

The grape industry helps income and enhance the rich "In the early 1990s, just came here, there was no.

"At the Yingyuan Village, Beibao Town, Xixia, Yinchuan City, 67-year-old Zhao Pingying feeled. The first batch of immigrants in Yantu Village, when you first plant corn, wheat, watermelon, potatoes and other crops. Due to lack of Irrigation water and harsh soil environment, the villagers have worked hard for a year, gains very much. When the villagers got out of how to get out of the predicament, Helan Shandong, this dry sand beach is "planting the Feng Shui Bao Land of Planting Wine Grapes". After passing to the ears of the people.

The villagers have begun to try to plant grapes, and they have a wage that the wine produced by the grapes has been repeatedly won the international award.

Today, Yuyuan Village planted a racting of racting, 17 winery, each of which worked in the work related to the grape industry.

In recent years, the wine industry in Ningxia has grown "Fengqiao" for the employment income of the people in their own development.

The wine industry provides 120,000 jobs in the surrounding farmers. There are about 900 million wage income. 1/3 from the local farmers from the wine industry, many poor people have increased income through a crystal clear grape, improved Life, achieving "getting poverty", embarked on "Xiaomang Road". Cultural and blessing helps high quality development "Birds have two wings, the wine ‘this magical bird’ is what is the two wings?" On September 26th, at the World Wine Conference, Ningxia Helan Shandong Shandong Grapes and Wine Federation will Chang Hao Linhai said that the "cultural and cultural exchanges" "Cultural and Cultural Exchange" is the wings of wines. Wine is precisely because of cultural nourishing, inheritance, and continued, it becomes an emotional link, cultural messenger, become an international fan, a world language, and is favored by people of all countries.

Although Ningxia Helan Shandong Yongzhuang is a young star producing area, these years have cultivated wine culture and make a big article, give full play to the spillover effect of wine culture in promoting high quality development of industries. Effective effect, value-added effects Whether it is the "small winery, big production area" model, or wine brewing process, vineyard planting management, wine product sales, all fully studied, inheriting, carrying forward excellent wine culture at home and abroad, by creating "Zhang Yage County" Construction of Ningxia Wine Museum, Establishing Middle-French Wine Education College, promoting the spread of wine culture, the introduction of talents, and ignite the "burning point" of high quality development in wine industry.

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