Wuhan Dongxihu District launched the "Seven Jin Seven Lectures" party history propaganda brought spiritual feast for party members

Wuhan Dongxihu District launched the "Seven Jin Seven Lectures" party history propaganda brought spiritual feast for party members

People’s Network Wuhan May 12th, "Do you still remember to write down your name on the party’s application?" On May 12th, in Wuhan Dongxi Lake District, there is a special live broadcast – Jianghan The University Marxist College "Baima Scholars" preliminary team members, the people’s preliminary representatives, the young advanced typical representatives, told the red story, inheriting the red spirit. The event is on the scene, the atmosphere is warm. Zhu Tianqi and other people’s preliminary brought their red stories, Zhu Tianqi said, hoping to make more party members from the party’s power through their own preaching, letting the red genes have been passed down.

Zhang Jinxing, the police of the Branch of the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, also brought his story. In the epidemic, the "98" little girls have been fighting forward in the prevention and control first line, the media reports that she is "the intimate guardian in the class", because the work performance is outstanding, she won the advanced individual of Hubei anti-corona epidemic, Hubei Province May 4 Youth Medal.

Its brave fearless, loyal to the spirit of the applause. Zhang Han Municipal Party Committee preaching group, Professor Zhao Xing, the Dean of the Marxist College of Jianghan University, preached the report with the "Times of the Chinese Communist Party", deeply attracted more than 60 network-safe enterprises in the field, They are mostly engaged in the new generation of the network security industry. By listening to this sumptuous party history, they have a deeper understanding of the History of the party’s 100-year struggle.

This preaching encouraged them to participate more actively in the network security career, and motivate them to continue to work hard, and do business.

It is understood that this event is one of the 7 main venue activities of large party history activities in the Dongxi Lake District – "Seven Tourism" preaching. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Propaganda Department of the East and Western Lake District introduced that "seven into" instant communities, entering the countryside, entering the enterprise, into the civilized practice center, enter the organ, enter the school, into the network; "seven lecture", the leading cadres take the lead, experts The scholars are in-depth, and the young backbone leads, the media platform is diverse, the literary team is vivid, and the advanced typical is now talking about the volunteers. In order to promote the topic of the party’s history, based on the grassroots level, the provincial theoretical hotspot face-to-face demonstration site construction, on the same day, the "Baima Premier" expert scholar, the Hubei Provincial "Baima Premier", the people’s advanced typical representative, the people preach the backbone, the literary preaching 14 promptors such as backbone and volunteer service, came to the network security base Di Ma Zhi Base, Baiquan Street Xinyuan Community, Jinyinhu Street Huacheng Community New Times Civilization Practice Station, Cixi Literary Home Farm, District Tax 7 main venues such as the bureau, the district vocational and technical school, Taihang Building, facing corporate employees, community residents, peasant masses, etc. In order to further expand the scope of publicity, the event is still in the 9 street settlements, and there is a publicity of the streets through the network live broadcast to achieve the party history preaching "into the network." This "seven-in-seven lecture" presentation is part of the court of the party history of Dongxi Lake District. The East and West Lake District established the "Two Groups", namely the district committee, the youth propaganda group, and the district-level diverse preaching team.

Among them, the district committee is consistent by the leading cadres, the Jianghan University Marxist College "Baima Scholars" preliminary team, and other expert scholars, the Youth Propaganda Group has more than 30 young people preaching the backbone composition, and several diversified preaching teams cover each line. Industry. On the eve of "July 1", "Two Multi-Team" launched the common statement of hundreds of party history, bringing spiritual feast to the party members. (Zhang Yao Li Denjun Peng Hui).

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