What is the coffee spot? These three types of coffee spots are very dangerous

What is the coffee spot? These three types of coffee spots are very dangerous

Coffee spots are a relatively common pigmentation skin disease, so the color is similar to the color of the coffee mixed milk, so the name is there. Coffee spots are in full on the face and torso, close to each spot, and the boundaries are distinct, but the size is different. Under normal circumstances, the skin of the coffee spot is not different from normal skin, and no discomfort is generated, and it is easy to be ignored. In fact, once the coffee spots are difficult to eliminate, and may be one of a variety of genetic diseases such as neural fibroma disease and Olbright syndrome.

Many people don’t know much about coffee spots, such as those you want to mention in the text.

Coffee spots will generally appear during the baby, and the number may have increased throughout the child, so parents should carefully observe. Second, the color of the coffee spot is light brown spots, smooth surface, good facial, neck, etc., although there will be no pain, but there is a big impact on the external image of the patient. It should be noted that coffee spots may have a certain relationship with the nerve fibroma, so when the coffee spots on the body have the following symptoms, they must be vigilant. Coffee spots are usually dispersed, such as longer than face or neck, but if these spots are gathered in specific areas, they may be caused by certain conditions, such as nerve fibroma, Orban special syndrome, nodular hardening , Anemia and other diseases.

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