Winter Olympics, the ice and snow industry can make the ice and snow exercise become lifestyle.

Winter Olympics, the ice and snow industry can make the ice and snow exercise become lifestyle.

Teenagers are the cornerstone and future of ice and snow.

Beijing Ski Association Exploration and Schools at all levels of the three levels of ice and snow sports teams, and the integration of deep body teaching is integrated. In addition, the association has organized the Youth Ski Challenge, News Media Ski Invitational Tour, Ski Instructor Vocational Skills Challenge, and attract more people to participate in the snow sports through the event leadership.

Do a good job in basic sports, China’s ice and snow industry can go faster, healthier and longer.

To this end, the Beijing Ski Association took the lead in formulating "Beijing Volkswagen Ski Exercise Ranking Standard", helping ski enthusiasts clear their own ski level, choose to fit their equipment and snow, this to grasp consumer data and Safety operation is also very helpful. Beijing Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou District First International Test November 25th, "Meet Beijing" 2021/2022 International Snow United Ski and Freestyle Ski Dampets Chasing World Cup in Genting Ski Park, this is Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics The first international test held in Zhangjiakou Fair. A total of 83 athletes from 15 countries and regions have participated in the preliminaries.

After fierce competition, the final 32 male athletes and 16 female athletes entered the knockout.

The six "00" and "post-00th" teenager in the Chinese team participated in the preliminaries, but unfortunately did not win the elimination qualification.

According to the schedule, "Meet Beijing" 2021/2022 International Snow Federation Ski and Freestyle Ski Dobs Chasing World Cups on the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th. Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Golden Silver Memorial Coin officially issued recently, Beijing Winter Paralympics countdown to 100 days of theme event in the National Swimming Center.

The event was released to show the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Golden Silver Memorial Coin.

Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Warm Silver Memorial Coin has a total of 2, including 1 gold commemorative coin, and 1 silver commemorative coin, which is the statutory currency of the People’s Republic of China.

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