Why is the socialist transformation is a great victory

Why is the socialist transformation is a great victory

When the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, our country is not a socialist country, but new-democratic state.

China’s socialist system was established in 1956, basically. From 1949 to 1956, the overall sense is the transition from New Democracy to socialism. It can be said that the transition period from New Democracy to socialism.

So, we put this history called socialist revolution.

June 1953, Mao Zedong put forward the transition period, the same year in December to form a complete statement. General line for the transition period is as follows: from basic to complete the establishment of People’s Republic of China to the socialist transformation, which is a transitional period.

The party’s general line and general task is to transition over a fairly long period of time, basically to achieve national industrialization and socialist transformation of agriculture, handicrafts and capitalist industry and commerce.

Here’s a "very long", the internal time is envisaged three "Five-Year Plan", that is about 15 years. The contents of the general line of the transition period, referred to as "one of the three changes."

"One of" refers to the industrialization of the country, "three changes" refers to the socialist transformation of agriculture, handicrafts and capitalist industry and commerce.

In the later practice, implement the transition period when the focus is actually on the "three changes."

Today we have to evaluate how the transition from New Democracy to socialism, in particular, how the evaluation socialist transformation? 1981 Sixth Plenary Session of the Party adopted the "Resolution on Party since the founding of a number of historical issues," it provides us with basic guidelines. Resolution states: "In the transition period, our Party creatively opened the way for a socialist transformation of Chinese characteristics.

Capitalist industry and commerce, we have created a commission processing, planned orders, purchase and underwriting commission Distribution commission, public-private partnerships, industry-wide public-private partnerships and a series of transitional forms from lower to higher state capitalism, and finally realized Marx and Lenin imagined the redemption of the peace bourgeoisie.

For individual farming, we follow a voluntary benefit, the typical demonstration and help the country, creating a year-round from the temporary mutual aid and mutual aid, the development of primary agricultural production cooperatives semi-socialist, and then the development of the socialist nature of advanced agricultural production cooperatives transitional form.

For transformation of individual handicraft, but also adopted a similar approach. In the transformation process, the national capitalist economy and economic cooperation demonstrated clear superiority. To 1956, most of the country basically completed the socialist transformation of private ownership of the means of production.

This work also has shortcomings and deviations.

After the summer of 1955, the transformation of the agricultural cooperative requirements and individual industrial and commercial rivals too fast, work too rough, changing too fast, too simple form uniform, so that during a long legacy of some problems.

After 1956 basically completed the transformation of capitalist industry and commerce, and to use part of the original deal with business people is not very appropriate.

But the whole, in a large country with a population of hundreds of millions of relatively successfully implement such a complex, difficult and profound social change, promote the development of industry and agriculture and the entire national economy, it is indeed a great historic victory. The evaluation "" Resolution on Party since the founding of a number of historical issues, "today is still compatible. This is also a fundamental principle of our evaluation of this history should follow.

(Editor: Zhao Jing, Deng Zhihui).

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