Walking in the depths of the mountains

Walking in the depths of the mountains

  Every spring, autumn, trees are more likely to be infected with pegs, and the work of the forest is also the most busy. Sometimes they have to check thousands of trees every day … In the early summer, the reporter came to the Qilian County of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Oil Huli The guard station, the patrols are working on daily patrols.

The oil gourd tube retaining station is 10,000 hectares.

The management station has nearly 20 regishers, except for three official employees, other patrol people come from the local herdsmen, although the work is hard, but everyone has no regrets, silently guarding the mountain water.

  As a female employee in the oil gourd tube station, Zhang Yuying’s workload and male colleagues have no difference. The patrol forest is also her daily work. She told reporters that through nearly two years of management, the forest area has a good ecological recovery, especially the endangered rare wild animals, and sometimes it can be seen in the patrol process, and brown bear.

  Li Yushi, patrol, is a herders patrol of oil gourd tube guard station in Qilian County, and he has worked for five years in the oil gourd tube guard station. He said that the management station will send two to three motorcycles at least two to three motorcycles. Two people have four to six people to patrol each time. The patrol time is 8 to 9 hours a day, each patrol area is more More than a thousand hectares.

Li Yu Shi said that they start at 8 o’clock every morning, into the mountains, into the home to promote the forest fire prevention, see if there is wild animal injury in the mountains, need to help, wild plants have pests and diseases.

  According to Changdeang, the oil gourd tube station station, after the establishment of the National Park, the scope of management is relatively large. I hope to protect the mountain water here through the management, leaving a better treasure of the future generation.

Dekang told reporters that the internal and plant resources in the Qilian Mountain Nature Reserve are very rich.

In the past two years, the protected area management bureau organizes technicians and management station staff, and Snow Leopard monitoring activities were carried out last year and this year. This shows that a complete food chain has been formed, which is the most powerful proof of the ecological environment.

  At the wetlands of the Qilian Mountain Niuhe, the wetlands, far away from the rain in the rain. According to the staff of the Qilian Mountain National Park, the staff of the Authority, with the gradual increase in the management of the management station, the ecological environment of the national park has been significantly improved, the vegetation is lush, and the number of wild animals is increasing.

  Han Qiang, deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Administration of Qilian Mountain National Park, introduced that in the future, will continue to follow the "Protection First, Public Participation, National Sharing", not only to continue to increase Qilian Mountain Ecological Environment Protection and Comprehensive Management Project, and increase publicity Education work, providing corresponding technical guidance and support for resource investigation, but also explores the establishment of "Village Second Commission +" Contract model and other measures, increase the national park construction of the Army, step, and promote the construction of national parks in phases. (Editor: Chen Mingju, Yang Yang).

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