Wang Hongli Painting and Theme Literature Exhibition was held in Shenyang Library

Wang Hongli Painting and Theme Literature Exhibition was held in Shenyang Library

Original title: Wang Hongli Painting and Theme Literature Exhibition held on December 5th in Shenyang City Library, hosted by Shenyang Public Culture Service Center (Shenyang Cultural Exercises Center), Shenyang City Library, 2021 Shenyang Library "Sheng Jingfeng Hua "Shenyang Local Document Theme Series Exhibition" Fifth Theme Literature Exhibition – "Splendum – Wang Hongli Painting and Calligraphy and Theme" is carried out in Shenyang Library.

  Exhibition Exhibition Wang Hongli’s artistic work, academic books, and hand-written manuscripts, including Wang Hongli’s calligraphy, 42 paintings (including Cooked small words, album, fan, national painting, calligraphy, etc.), written, and manuscript, There are 6 pit pots, a number of porcelain plates, a large number of precious academic literature and art works are the biggest highlights of the exhibition, all works are the first time.

  Wang Hongli, born in Tianjin in 1927, served as a member of China Artists Association, member of the Chinese National Ancient Word Research Association, the Liaoning Art Publishing House, Shenyang Wenxi Hall. In 1959, he created a large historical painting "War", which is now collected by China National Museum. The work "Yang Zhi Sale" (created after 2000) and "Sanyi" (Creation in the 1950s) were collected by the Chinese Art Museum. The representatives of the comics were "the 15th", "Tianxian", "King", etc. have been honored by the National and Liaoning Province. Wang Hongli’s research field is wide, not only famous of the world, but also has a high artistic theoretical research level, and also has achievements in ancient text research, is an ancient Chinese research expert. (Editor: Qiu Yuszhe, Tanglong) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

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