Wang Jinyuan’s supervision and supervision and supervision work in the ecological environment

Wang Jinyuan’s supervision and supervision and supervision work in the ecological environment

On December 6, the district committee deputy secretary and district commander Wang Jinyuan brought the team to supervise the highlight of the ecological environment. Liu Fei, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the District People’s Congress, Zhao Chenglong, executive deputy director of the Party Work Committee of Anshun High-tech Zone, Zhao Chenglong, Zhao Chenglong, relevant parties related to township (street) (street). Wang Jinyuan has come to Xia Yun Industrial Park Wastewater Treatment Plant, Cross Township and Mohua Village Yunyu Quarry, Xia Yun Town Shunxing Door Industry Co., Ltd., integrity stone workshop, close wood processing workshop, Xia Ping driving school, urban sewage treatment Factory, Baiyun Town Sewage Treatment Plant, Guizhou Aviation Vocational and Technical College, Tianlong Town Quality Coal Trading Market, Guizhou and Anjian Material Co., Ltd. The company, the implementation of the problem rectification, listening to the improvement report, and the on-site coordination resolve the relevant issues.

Wang Jinyuan requires that all relevant departments in the district must effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of rectification of the ecological environment, and make a rapid response, rapid action, proactive, seriously combing, check the defective, and strive to take strong measures. Make sure all questions are rectified in place.

Ellus false rectification, perfunctory rectification, resolutely keep the development and ecological two bottom lines.

It is necessary to press the right responsibility, actively actively cooperate with the company to carry out waste stone, wood, and related equipment and demolition, clean up, and guide the reclamation of the reclamation, and urge the enterprise to rectify the problems.

To raise a non-routine, strengthen the daily supervision patrol, and urge the new problems to discover new issues.

To reverse the work period, grab the time, put the quality of the project and safety, and increase the third phase of the urban sewage treatment plant, and strive to be put into use soon. To seek truth from facts, cooperate with the second round of central ecological environmental protection inspections. (Zhang Hui, Yang Yuzhao) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

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