Rice flora is hopes

Rice flora is hopes

The 76-year-old villager of Rice Field Park is noble. It doesn’t always like to go shopping in the rice field in the rice field.

"In the past, there were many stone plants in the village. They can hear the sounds on the mountain every day. They are all the dust. Now they will restore rice fields in the village, the environment is good, the tourists are more, our days are getting better and better. .

"Huaata Village is located at the foot of the Southwest Longshan, Taiyuan City. It is adjacent to the Jinxi Scenic Area. It has been named by the Hi Tower, which has been opened in the village. It has been named in the village. There have been more than 1400 years. The land area of ??the whole village is acre, the area of ??cultivated land is acres. There are 647 farmers, 2025 villagers.

The field fish and shrimp crabs are booming, and birds flying forated. For a long time, they did not see the pointers. Nowadays, the flowers villages have achieved gorgeous turns from "撂 撂 滩" to "onion depression".

Villagers also benefited, and the days are getting better. The great improvement of the great improvement of the visibility of the Jincheng Park and the Rice Field Park also drives the development of the budget economy and special catering.

Huada Village is at the advantages, improved social public services, cultural rooms, libraries, fitness activities, health center, elderly day care centers, for civil service room, women’s activities center, public bathroom, primary school, kindergarten, etc. , The living environment and people’s living standards have been greatly improved.

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