Economic environmental protection low-carbon second-hand trading young people are the main force

Original title: Second-hand trading young people are the main force from "buyers" to "sellers", more and more consumers come back and forth in such identities, which is behind the second-hand trading market. With the upgrading of consumption, the implementation of the environmental concept, the idle transaction has become a trend of lifestyle, and the idle it is not used in his hand, it will become a baby.

In September this year, the International Consulting Company Franist Shari United Tsinghua University Energy Environment Economics Institute and other institutions have shown that China’s second-hand idle item transaction scale, from 2015 to 3000 100 million yuan is rapidly increased to 2020, and the scope of idle item transactions covers almost all consumer goods categories. It is expected to reach nearly 3 trillion markets in 2025.

The second-hand trading form is rich in "flea market" to today’s second-hand trading e-commerce platform, the second-hand trading has always existed, but the form is accompanied by the change of consumption habits, and the trading item is more rich, and the transaction method is also more diversified. Online trading is the main trading channel of second-hand items. According to the data released by the Medical Consultation, 2020 E-commerce transactions increased from 100 million yuan in 2019, approximately 36% of the total number of idle markets.

I like to take the second-hand netizens in the summer, I will go shopping on the second-hand trading platform when I purchase items. "Sometimes I can find 90% of the new things, the price is half the new product, the cost is convenient."

The second-hand item trading store is also more and more, but the core of the second-hand trading has more attributes. There is a special second-hand item store in Shunyi District, Beijing – all the second-hand items here, and the store’s item contains home appliances, daily necessities, luggage, jewelry. Donated items are organized by volunteers to sell, and the profits available to sell are used to do public welfare.

Lin Aiyu often goes to the mutual vibrant market to take some small objects, and will donate their own items to the store. "Such trading model is very good, not only putting the item circulation, reducing waste, but also makes a good thing for society ".

This year, the popular second-hand book trading platform "Multi-catching fish" opened the physical store in Sanlitun in Beijing, a total of three spaces were full of various books, albums, and the store has social attributes while carrying second-hand trading. Xiaojiang often wandering around the weekend, and he often saved the netizen Amway Due, "can buy books, you can sell yourself, all books are cycled, let it Go to the people who need it, love it. " In addition to commonly used items, high-end luxury second-hand markets are getting hotter.

Xiao Su, who works in foreign companies, in the past year, the second-hand luxury goods in Beijing, the second-hand luxury goods in Beijing, and there are more people in the middle. A few years ago, she wanted to buy an international big classic second-hand package, and they can only find purchasing from the Chinese ancient shop from Japan. Like other second-hand merchandise, second-hand luxury goods, circular economy, and environmental protection and other factors are the cause of attracting young people.

After the food company worked 90 Chen Bean, Chen Bean said: "I am more happy to be old, the second-hand bag is more suitable for me, when I don’t like it, I can sell it quickly, and I will not lose money." Who is buying second-hand items from January to June this year, domestic second-hand The e-commerce industry has undergone 9 starting financing incidents, which reflects the capital to the second-hand economy.

An ancient store in Dongcheng District, Beijing has recently become a net red card, and the store is displayed in the previous century 70, 80, and the costume shoe bag.

The clerk introduced that the customer was mainly 95,00, "Now the retro wind is hot, the past clothes have the unique design process, there are some clothing into orphans, so they are very popular with fashion, specially exclusive young people like". "

Among the items of second-hand trading, 3C products such as mobile phones, computers, and television also account for a lot. Second-hand trading e-commerce platform transfer group’s latest second-handed double 11 battle report data shows that within 28 hours from November 10th to 24:11 November, the group’s B2C business mobile phone 3C payment transaction exceeds! The C2B mobile phone recycling service submits the order quantity of more than 10,000 orders. In the beginning of this year, the New Year’s Data Institute released the "2020 second-hand 3C Consumer Annual Report" showed that the 2020 second-hand 3C consumption group, the young people under 35 were 70%, and the ratio of male consumers reached 78%. Another second-hand trading class is a maternal and child product. Because the baby’s growth rate is fast, the item update is high, and the mother is also an important group of second-hand trading.

At the beginning of last year, I just said that my mother’s Zhang Xin said that the stroller, the baby cot, etc., she is in the second-hand trading platform. In order to hygiene, she bought the second-hand items, she will use it.

Another respondent said that a solid wood crib in the family has been transferred many times, and now the fourth baby is used.

In addition, Hanfu, Lolita clothing, etc., the price of clothing, less daily wear, is also the main categories of second-hand trading, consumers 爱上海上海龙凤论坛 are more than 95 people.

I like Lolita clothing, Dream Ning said that a set of genuine Lolita is very expensive. Some people wear a shot and sell them on the platform. "Our circle sells second-hand clothes are relatively common." QuestMobile released reports, 90 is the main crowd of idle transactions, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities active more prominent. Industrial insight report released by Like analysis shows that from the user’s age, people under the age of 35 are the main users of second-hand e-commerce. After 80, 90, the attitude towards commodity consumption is both focused on cost-effective, and they are willing to enjoy advance consumption. It is consumption upgrade. The mainstream group, and the young people born in 1995-2009 were also a potential user group of second-上海按摩店推荐hand e-commerce.

Second-hand trading urgently issued a few days ago, the State Council officially issued a notice on the "2030 Pre-Carbon Peak Action Plan", proposed to grasp the source and use this source, vigorously develop the circular economy, and improve the resource recycling system, improve the waste materials recycling network, Implement the Internet + "recycling mode, realizing regenerative resources should be harvested. This scheme not only advocates second-hand trading, but also provides a requirement for improving the second-hand trading system.

The physical objects are inconsistent, the buyer’s malicious refund, the seller’s exchange items have occurred in recent years, and the problem of power rights, the difficulty of supervision is endless.

Beijing Sunshine Consumer Data Institute data shows that in 2020, the 上海工作室外卖 second-hand platform consumption public opinion information is more than 850,000, including 520,000, accounting for more than 1%.

In order to maintain the rights of buyers and sellers, each platform is also constantly trying to establish a regulatory mechanism. As early as 2016, a second-hand trading platform set up a "small court", inviting platform users as "small judges", vote according to the trading evidence of the trading evidence submitted by the buyers and sellers, solving the disputes between the buyers and sellers, can still be endless. In response to the hot Chinese ancient market in recent years, there is a bad business system for sale in the "middle ancient" package, "middle ancient" jewelry, etc.

Liu Yra noted on the second-hand trading platform, there were more than a dozen sellers on the platform, and "the photo shoot angle is the same", it must be fake. "

Liu Yigang analyzed that some merchants will study a relatively popular "middle ancient" style, and then prepared after making and doing old processes.

Summer said, some cheap things will be bought online, but the price of high prices have never bought online, such as the second-hand luxury goods and other items, her purchase channel, one is offline physical stores, the second is the bought, "" Especially when conducting second-hand trading in the e-commerce platform, it is not very careful. " (Zhong Youth Daily, Zhongqing Net Reporter Zhang Min) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share let more people see.

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